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OK, I've been playing Pathfinder for a couple of years now, and I love it. I'm also a writer by profession, and I love building random characters, and recently started dabbling in creating modules. Some I probably won't ever use, but I wanted to put up a site and share them. The site is still under construction, so I'll be adding more content. Please don't suggest that.

The site has not officially been launched because I'm still adding content, making changes, and getting set up in general.

Game Breaking

1) I'd love to know what you think of the layout, colors, etc.

2) If you say "organization" please elaborate. The site is organized by category already, but a few people have said "organization" on another site, but didn't clarify.

3) General suggestions that don't fit the above two would also be appreciated.

I was poking around the site, it looks very slick, but then I came across a comment you make

"...and the best part about my builds is that GMs can't ban them."

This is not true, a gm is within his rights to ban anything from the game he is running for any reason.

I personnaly would ban any character creation "build" from your collection in any and all of my games because the premises of these builds is anathama to my enjoyment of this past time. I prefer players to create chacters based on both their ideas about what kind of character they want to play, and how that chacter fits into the setting, not simply use a "build" because it "breaks" the game, whatever that is supposed to mean

However, it is a very attractive web site. It could probably use, in my opinion, a section explaining why these builds are different, and what players can expect to get out of using them

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I'll go look at your site to see what it's like.

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Make sure you actually have the rights or permissions for the art you're using.

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What I like about the site is the sheer web mastery that's displayed.

What I'm a lot less keen about is the attitude displayed and encouraged.There are enough Players with the attitude the self entitled attitude that they can dictate to their GMs without a support site encouraging them further.

Some of this stuff is great for beta testing a game.
The rest is great for destroying a bad concept such as an afterlife game that the players cannot escape without completing the only dungeon. The only good thing about it was it was on the shell of a really gigantic turtle.

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