Spirit Healer (Spiritualist Archetype)


I wanted to make a healer class that would rely on a spirit companion to deliver healing spells. Then it occurred to me that incoming spiritualist class might be a suitable base for this idea so I decided to wait instead.

After reading the final spiritualist version I decided to make this archetype:

Spirit Healer (Spiritualist Archetype)
Spirit healer and her phantom brings relief and solace to to injured and afflicted.

Psychic Healing: A spirit healer adds mass cure light wounds, mass cure moderate wounds, and reincarnate to her spell list and can undercast cure wounds spells. At 1st level she learns cure light wounds as a bonus spell known, replacing it with cure moderate wounds at 4th level, cure serious wounds at 7th level, cure critical wounds at 10th level, mass cure light wounds at 13th level, and finally mass cure moderate wounds at 16th level. This ability replaces bonded senses feature.

Bonded Healing (Su): At 3rd level, when the phantom is confined within the spirit healer’s consciousness, the spirit healer cast conjuration (healing) spells at +1 caster level. When the phantom is manifested, the spirit healer adds the phantom’s Charisma bonus to hit points provided by the healing spells cast via the phantom’s deliver touch spell ability. Both bonuses increase by 1 at 8th, 13th, and 18th level. At 17th level, the spirit healer gains bonus to caster level of her healing spells while her phantom is manifested as well. This ability replaces bonded manifestation and dual bond.

Deathwatch (Sp): At 5th level, a spirit healer can use deathwatch at will as long as she concentrates. At 9th level, she no longer needs to concentrate upon this spell becoming aware of condition of any creature within range that she can see or touch. This ability replaces detect undead and see invisibility features.

Deny Death (Su): At 7th level, once per day, a spirit healer can cast any cure wounds spell on a recently slain creature and revive it as per breath of life spell if the spell’s healing increases its hit points above negative Con. At 11th level and every four levels thereafter, the spirit healer can use this ability an additional time per day. This ability replaces calm spirit feature.

Fused Consciousness (Su): A 10th level spirit healer does not receive benefits of bonded senses when her phantom is manifested. This alters fused consciousness feature.

Spirit Resurrection (Sp): At 16th level, a spirit healer can send her phantom into the nether realms, to bring back single dead creature to life as per true resurrection spell, except the search for the deceased soul takes 4d6 hours. The phantom must be present during the casting and has to take with it valuables worth at least 25,000 gp as offerings and bribes for guardians and deities of the afterlife. This ability replaces call spirit feature.

I might have a complementary emotional focus or two coming later.

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