Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Promo Card: Ekkie

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Now available!

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Would I have received this as a PACG subscriber? (Or rather, is this different in any way from the one I've already got?)

If this has already been sent out to subscribers, it would be really useful if the two subsystems could be manhandled to give the usual "you ordered this product on the..." message on the product page.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

This was in the subscription with WotR Deck 3 (July). And it is exactly like the one you already received.

By the way, this isn't showing on the PACG Product pages. At least not where I can see it.

Community & Digital Content Director

She's properly set up to show in the normal places now. Not sure what happened there.

And Hawkmoon is correct, Ekkie would have been included in July's subscription shipments. I'll pass that feedback along to our tech team.

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Gobbo time! I hope the PACG promo for future Free RPG Days remains goblin characters. Eventually I want to run a good sized party of goblins through the game.

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