Oread minis?


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I've just rolled up an oread archer, but I'm having trouble finding suitable minis. Any suggestions? It doesn't necessarily need to have a bow, but I'd like something that looks kind of stony.


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If you want my advice... take a figure with a pose you like, and a earth elemental. Use a exacto knife to cut the 'stones' off. Super glue them to the archer. You may need to do some touch-up paint on the skintone to make it more rocky

The Dungeons and Dragons: Elemental Evil set has Earth Cult Warrior or Earth Genasi Fighter.

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The old D&D Goliath figures might work as well.

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Furdinand wrote:
The old D&D Goliath figures might work as well.

These are probably the closest, plus the Stonechild. So... three of them. All male. All with big 2-H weapons.


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Necro, but I saw these on sale and thought they'd make decent Oread Monks:

Zykhee (mid-way on the page)

For a female goliath/oread, Heroscape's last set had a mini called Eltahale. Sword and shield.

Also, it's another male, but there's a Heroclix mini called Korg that could make a good oread as well. No weapons (i.e., maybe an easy conversion).

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