Anyone familiar with the Stonewarden Paragon Class?


I bought the In the Company of Monsters in a package for HeroLab, but had not yet bought the pdf. I was looking at the Stonewarden race and found out they had a Paragon class that seemed to make them more and more gargoyle-like. Considering Gargoyles are base CR 4, is the Paragon Class worth taking?

It looks like it can end up with some insane claw damage by level 20, but are the features it gains, growth and skills, etc. equivalent to any class? Is it high-end or low-end?

It seems to me that it might be better as a niche or NPC class sure, but I would like to look into the viability of it being a player class, I guess.

You get good BAB and two good saves, darkvision, natural armor, natural attacks, flight, and ultimately you can cast heal on yourself once/day.

By level 9 you will have 7 attacks (Bite, Gore, Tail slap, and 4 claws) most of which are primary using full BAB and full STR bonus and most do 1d8 damage. If you want, you can add up to 4 more primary claws by level 20. That's a lot of attacks, and the damage of all these attacks gets pretty good (4d6 with each of them by level 20 - that's possibly 44d6 if they all hit, plus 11x STR mod). You can also learn to spit acid if you want.

I think it's viable as a pure martial class - you won't be creating demiplanes or simulacra or casting wishes, but you'll do all right as a martial guy. Er, uh, thing.

Unfortunately, some of the abilities are far better suited to NPCs than PCs, like being able to HiPS but only when frozen in place like a statue. But most of it looks good.

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