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I'm sure the answer is obvious in the rules but I'm too tired to check so I'm gonna just call the IA269:
When someone encounters a bane like Demon Horde that makes other characters at other locations encounter stuff (monsters mainly), in which location does theseadditonal encounters happen?
E.g. : character A is at the abattoir where banes are +6 to defeat and encounters a demonic horde. If a demon out of the horde faces him, it is at +6 obviously. But if a demon from the hordes encounters another character at another location, does it get the +6? Don't know why but reminds me some debate about teleportation chamber...
And same question in reverse: someone else encounters the horde elsewhere and Character A at the abattoir faces a demon from the horde. Does this demon get +6?

Each character applies her own location's effect. So:

a) A bane-spreader encountered at the Abattoir doesn't automatically get the Abattoir modifier for all of its spawns;

b) But characters at the Abattoir encounter modified spawns.

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Thought so. But thanks for confirming Sandslice.

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And for confirmation of that, see this post.

I was going to start a new thread, but I might semi-hijack this one.

If I'm doing something with a random element and a choice element, can I choose what order I do them, by which I mean:

Can I choose which card to Vulture after I determine where it's going?

Can Poodlekiller Ekkie choose whether to shuffle in or topdeck an evaded card after determining what location deck it's headed for?

My guess is no to both, sadly, but I thought I'd ask in hope

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Hmmmm.... can you provide the wording of the powers of both these cards? I think it will simply depend on the card.

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For Vulture, I'm pretty sure that you cannot. You follow the wording as written which means you determine the card you're giving out and then you determine the player that's getting it.

For Hawk, wording on that card is "When you are dealt damage, reveal this card to give 1 card you would discard as damage to a random other character instead."

For Ekkie, I cannot comment as I haven't gotten her yet, so would need to see the wording of the card as well.

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Ekkie's powers are available here.

The wording:
You may evade your encounter; shuffle the evaded card into (□ or place it on top of) a random open location, if it came from one.

I think you make the choice first before the shuffle.

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Yeah, seems like it to me too. Uou have to decide what you are going to do with it before you know which location.

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