Kythons- Earth Demons, B.O.V.D conversion


So I've spent alot of time converting the Kythons from the 3.0 Book of Vile Darkness. I changed a few things around with the CR as I based it more in line with what Pathfinder creatures are with around the same stats. I included new bio weapons that I felt they were lacking and opened a range of possibilities for each Kython encounter to be different if the GM so choose. I added a first encounter paragraph at the top of each Kython. I also added 2 new versions of the Kython, the Viscerator and the Tyrant. I also created a template to move up to each stage of a Kython in case a GM maybe so inclined to remove say the Impaler or all of them he could see at each stage what I based everything on {this also helps to make sure I got all the mistakes ;) }

I have to say thanks to oslecamo I enjoyed reading his improved monster class of the Kython it gave me a few ideas for Bio-weapons and also I loved the Viscerator name.

And here it is:

Go to Kythons.

This is my first time here and showing the work I've done. If you any suggestions I'd like to hear it. Thanks.

p.s I think it got the link working. Like I said first time posting.

Sovereign Court

this is the wrong link for sharing.

tried it a few times and the link is now working :)

Sovereign Court

It's alright but well...eating creatures equal his cr to evolve while an interesting mechanics from the dm side of things, it is something that is most likely going to be ignored and will barely if ever comes up during play. Taking 1 min for the molt process, won't probably ever be used. Don't get me wrong, I like it, just not something that I see ever getting some uses.

yeah, true it probably won't be used; but I find myself asking questions of them growing and changing it might not be for everyone to use but it is there if someone finds it interesting.

So the link is no longer working again. When I use it, it gives me an error.

Sorry, the file you have requested has been deleted.

Make sure that you have the correct URL and the owner of the file hasn't deleted it.

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