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So, I have run a couple of mods as Core in the past few weeks, but I have no Core PCs in that range (I have no core PCs at all.) I was applying the chronicles to one of my non-Core PCs in the level range. Is this legal? Will it work? Or will the system reject them? For reference, the PC they have been applied to is a Div-spawn tiefling.

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It must be applied to a Core PC.

Just make a new # for it.

You can then transfer that PC out of Core, but it'd be for good when you decide to do it. No going back to Core.

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When a core game is ran, all the PCs and the GM must be core. By applying the chronicle to a non-corn character as a gm could flag all the pcs as non-core when it is reported into the system.

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Well, crap. I guess I better contact the coordinator and change those over. And undo the level up I did for the character. Thanks for that.

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I hope the games have not been reported yet.

It is a serious hassle, on both sides, to fix Core characters that got moved to Standard by reporting errors.

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They have both been reported. PMSchulz email me/FB message me with the new character # once you have it and I will see what I can do from this end.

Also when reporting it shows if the character is Core or not, but doesn't have that indicator for the GM's character. I would like to beg the powers that be to add that indicator to the reporting form as it would save much hassle for coordinators. =)

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