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There is a problem in my sessions for the two times I have run the "#6–05: Slave Ships of Absalom (RPG)" scenario.

The first time I run the game I did not assign the chronicle to any of my characters. The second time I run it I decided to assign at -2. Then suddenly an error of the type "Player has already run scenario at session #7 of event #56482 Necro 2015 Apr 25, 2015" appeared while the session was correctly showing no character assigned to that #56482 first time I run the scenario.

I have been working with my VC to try fix this issue, but no matter what we do, even deleting the session and reporting all this from zero, the error keeps appearing.

Now it is currently assigned to my first run, and no assignment for the second, but the alert keeps appearing, and what is worst, it now appears for both my 56482 and 60984 events.

What can be happening? What have we done wrong? How can we fix this? May it be a deleted or cached session which is still seen by this alert query but not by my sessions list query?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Balacertar,

Somehow you created a duplicate version of the session (session 7) that was deleted but was still been seen as active for the purpose of blocking you from receiving duplicate credit. I've written a script to fix the data for you and tested it locally but our ops person won't be back to run it on production till next week. So give us till next week and we'll have your data sorted out.

Any news Cort?

The duplicate is probably still there as the warning message keeps appearing on Sessions.


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Script was run awhile ago, so that's odd. OK, I'll have to look at it again.

Another oddness. Last Saturday I GMed Scions of the Sky Key part I and assigned to character -4.

I GMed the same scenario today and reported myself the event without assigning to any of my characters, but in today's session again a similar warning is appearing "Player has already run scenario at session # 1 of event # 64159 2º Aniversario SPB en Silmaril on July 11, 2015."

It is odd because I have similar GM credit sessions reported in the same situation and there is no warning for them.

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That warning isn't about GM character credit, it's referring to GM table credit. It's saying you don't get table credit for running that scenario again because you have already done so.

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On the first issue, the code is having issues because you ran a single table credit scenario twice (which is fine, you just don't get table credit after the first time). It's having issues with you assigning GM character credit from the session that is not seen as valid for table credit. I have that in our backlog as something to sort out, but for the short term assign the character credit from the 1st run of the scenario and you should be good.

By 'table credit' do you mean the number of sessions that count to get GM stars? I am quite sure repeating a scenario as a GM counts towards stars.

In fact in My Pathfinder Society it says 'You have 27 tables of credit.' which means the system is counting those tables marked by the warning.

Ok! No biggie about the warnings, I will assign the character credit for my first run. The warnings are ugly but I understand you have other priorities for now.

Thanks for your help and attention anyway :)

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