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Hey guys! I am running a Katapesh-based campaign next week with a heavy focus on slavery themes (one PC is an Eagle Knight in training, etc).

I planned on making an arena fight viewable to the PCs early on to make the place seem exotic and exciting and want to make a Mwangi Daring Champion the star of the arena.

Anyways, looking through the weapons for a more interesting exotic weapon, I thought the concept of the Shotel was very fun, reaching around shields with a curved blade, but the weapon seems a little lackluster. I was possibly thinking of homebrewing a double-state style where it can deal slashing damage or piercing, but only piercing against shielded opponents. Or perhaps the ability to ignore shield AC altogether...or a trip feature.

Should I? Would it be better to just leave it? I really think it would be fun.

Unless you are going to have him fight the PCs, I wouldn't worry about the stats.

Just focus on the descriptions of guys fighting. If you just run a combat with the PCs watching that wont really seem new and exotic. It'll just feel like a combat that they have no part in.

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