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I was looking to run this campaign under pathfinder rules. I found this http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2px77?Age-of-Worms-AP-Pathfinder-conversion-doc ument which gives me a conversion for the third book forward but I cannot find anything for the first two. Does anyone know where I can find one?


I pestered GM Blood for this a while back, though I ended up converting myself. Pathfinder PCs are pretty potent, so you may be making some major upgrades if you want to keep things challenging. Feel your way through. Whispering Cairn and TFoE are pretty good installments to just experiment and see what needs to be brought up.

GM Blood wrote:

Try THIS LINK and see if it works for you. I have should have dungeon issues 124 through 133 up. I am working on 134 now and 132 has some more to be done on it (the first few encounters I didn't convert yet, and plan to come back and do those once I get done with everything else). 130 may not have uploaded correctly. KC's Note: Everything seems to be uploaded fine now.

I expect there will be errors here and there, I have been trying to correct them as I go along. Also my style has changed over the years and I have done some effort over aligning some of that. Here are some explanations on things:

Hit points, I do hit points by 1/2die+1 per level (example d8 would be 5) and if there is a class level they get max hit points for 1st (For characters I usually have them max at first and roll 1/2+1/2 so a d8 class would be 1d4+4, this means the monsters are basically at the minimum for what players could have). Also I put normal hit points/max hit points. For my home game with 4 players I typically just run with the normal hit points, but for my pbp with 6 I tend to go with max hit points and throw in a couple extra monsters here and there.

I try and break out Power attack and Vital Strike under melee so those numbers are already figured out. I also usually have all the buff listed under Active Spells (whether from potion or spell) and have it factored into their stats. I always give monsters the assumption they are fully buffed unless otherwise stated in text.

My home group cruised through things pretty good, but we have all gamed together since the early 80's so that helps. My 2 pbps have hit some hard spots (Grimlock area in chapter 2 and the lizardfolk king and lietenant in chapter 3) but no one has died yet in my first group, and I have had 2 deaths in my other one. (but many close calls for both)

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions about anything, I'll answer the best I can. I'll let you know in the future if I add any more.

Thanks for this. It's really helpful.

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