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So continuing at a slower pace in the land of the Pandemic but we've had another couple of deaths sadly.... The front line tanks are hard to make survivable to the giants

Name: Erik
Race: Human
Class: Shaman
Adventure: Forge of the Giant God
Where: The Steelhand's Tomb
How: Battling Lokmurr (rebuilt with some Path of War levels) he succumbed to a deadly skweering critical hit from Heartspit to his chest after being crippled somewhat by the mould trap. Thankfully the gunslinger's crit on Lokmurr the following round avenged hm

Name: Oskan
Race: Oread
Class: Paladin
Adventure: Forge of the Giant God
Where: The woods near Shinnerman's Fortune
How: Fighting Grusark the cyclops he was sadly hit by a critical from the greataxe that removed his rocky head from his body

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So after enjoying GCP I'm running Giantslayer on Roll20 we've had a few deaths

Name: Notan
Race: Half giant
Class: Stalker (brutal slayer)
Adventure: Blood march hill
Where: Uskroth's tomb
How: After battling orcs, saving the town and near one hit killing the Cave giant poor Notan was critically skewered by the giant skeleton and it's X3 critical spear! Too much for a level 2 PC

Name: Daskor
Race: half orc
Class: Daevic (akashic warrior)
Adventure:Hill Giants Pledge
Where: The bridge in the Vault of Thorns
How: on the bridge the lurkers in the light sneak attacks were brutal before Daskor was bull rushed by the bark elemental that hurled him off the bridge. The fall was ultimately the end for poor Daskor

Name: Alesha Morninghawk
Race: Humana
Class: wizard
Adventure: Hill giant pledge
Where: Vault of Thorns (Lily pad room)
How: Ewigga had revealed her self as a young green dragon and attacked. Poor Alesha panicked and her critical fumble turned a scorching ray into a stinking cloud. Fleeing she triggered and Also that then resulted in a critical bite snapping the young wizard in half

Name: Tyari Varvatos
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Adventure: Hill Giant Pledge
Where: Redlake Fork
How: The party stormed Grenseldek's room. Tyari and Grimlo fighting bravely with ranged support from Stump the druid and Duke the gun toting desparado warlord. Tyari was unlucky and caught a critical hit from Grenseldek and was cut in half

Name: Grimlo Nargrymkin
Race: Dwarf
Class: Barbarian/Ranger/Dragon Fury
Adventure: Hill Giant Pledge
Where: The outer bailey, Red Lake
How: Sweeping the keep free from the orcs the remaining 3 heroes attacks General Karraguk and his men. Sadly the enlarged, buffed smiting Orc general and his men surrounded Grimlo and a full attack dropped him to -35hps!

I'm with you guys. I've been running a PbP for 3 years now for this and we are now in the Gathering Winds and going strong. I only wish there was a book for it.

Name: Luke
Class: gestalt monk/incarnate //cleric 4
Adventure: Three faces of Evil
Location: The cliff
Cause: falling while unconscious

Climbing the cliff the unlucky wannabe sapphire hierarch was critically hit by an arrow dropping him to -2, the 40ft fall on to sharp rocks did the rest.

Name: can't even remember
Class: Paladin
Adventure: whispering cairn.
Location: false tomb
Cause: bravery

The acid beetle swarm appeared. She tried to delay it to let the others retreat and managed... She died in 2 rounds. The summoner's ponies kept them back longer allowing the rest to escape.

Thanks for this. It's really helpful.

Its PbP so pretty slow but mythic rank 1 after Ebon Triad aspect. It should be okay until tier 5/6 when things get silly

I'm with you guys. A single volume bound book of Age of Worms (Perhaps with a appendix to pathdinderise the badguys as well) would be amazing!

10 Years. Very nice, still one of the best campaigns written.
I would love a book of it.

I would say that build is quite mild. I would want near 700 hut points yo get some serious survivability.

Though i approve of the dual initiative!

Thank you very much.

Hi all.

So I am running AoW as a pbp on the GitP forum and plan to incorporate the mythic ruled.

do people think this will unbalance it too much and is the Face of Evil Ebon god too early to start tier 1 mythic rank?