Dwarven Forge and 5 foot hallways?

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It looks as if most Dwarven Forge pieces are set up for either 7.5 or 15+ foot hallways? Is this true or are there sets of pieces that allow for the more common 5' hallways you see in most pregenerated adventures.

From what I can tell it would be difficult to recreate much of what you see in either modern Pathfinder AP's (5' hallways), or most original modules (10' hallways being very common.)


Grand Lodge

This is why I have purchased many 3rd party pieces to expand my DF pieces.

I especially love my long 5 foot long pieces to use in many a scenario.

Liberty's Edge

Those are room pieces, The squares on the edge of the room pieces have the wall, so its only half a square. It works out though. The hallway pieces are wider and full 5 or 10 feet. they have hallways that are 10 fet and a narrow 5 foot set, but that one may be out of print.

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