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There was a pdf in the pfsrd store that I saw several months ago. From what I remember, it had various racial alternatives of the Kitsune, including one that was more wolf-like. I believe there was also a Barbarian archetype (Bloodrager was not out at the time), that raged and turned into bigger and bigger fox/wolves. Had a Yokai feel to it, I think. The cover was what looked like a black furred kitsune holding a ball of black energy in their one hand and a sword in the other.

Does anybody remember this pdf? I've tried finding it online, but can't seem to find it.

Kitsune Compendium by Alexander Augunas ?


You're thinking of Super Genius Games' Races Revised: Kitsune Clans. You can find it now as a Rogue Genius Games product called Races Revised: Kitsune Clans. It has a new cover, which is probably why you couldn't find it.

Thank you both. I'm trying to find it on the shop.d20pfsrd site, but I'm only seeing two Races Revised under Rogue Genius Games.

This might be it:

*Re-reads original comment* Ahem, provided that you''re willing to buy it through Paizo's site.

Oh I'd be fine buying it from there, I'd just like to make sure that that's the same one Im thinking of. The description doesn't mention the things I remember more clearly than others (mostly that, what I assume was a Barbarian archetype, that raged and turned into massive demon foxes). If this is indeed that product, then I thank you all greatly.

Edit: Just saw the link in the discussions section to the review the product got originally. This is the one I was looking for. Thanks a bunch, all of you!

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