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My turn to run the campaign for a year; any observations on whether or not an Urgathoan cult as PCs would be able to get past low level with the Hellknights looking over there shoulders? All the PCs are experienced DMs. We have a cleric, rogue, necromancer, fighter, and possibly an anti paladin.

Another question: one of the players wants to run an Anti Paladin. Does the PC need to begin play as a paladin and fall from grace, or could she just begin play as an A-P?

We ran a campaign like this in 1st edition decades ago when the Anti Paladin article came out in Dragon Magazine; it was a biker gang style campaign that ended up in a TPK on the way to the White Plume Mountain, but was running out of steam long before that. My idea is to have the higher echelon of the Cult send them there to screw with the Hellknights as much as explore the tower. Thoughts and suggestions, please.


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Also, would it more feasible using a cult based around Calistria?

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He can begin as an AP.

I typically don't allow strangers to run CE so I house rule them to LE. But since you know them I'm sure its fine.

Idk how often he will be able to smite good. I personally would hate having one of my main mechanics shut down.

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ehb1022 wrote:

Also, would it more feasible using a cult based around Calistria?

While I could never say No to the best goddess in the entire multiverse, any non good, non lawful deity could work. Some just have more realistic reasons for going into the spire.

I will note, I have no experience in Emerald Spire beyond the first level.

Calistria and Gorum cults would be looking for power, either through direct conflict (Gorum) or trickery (Calistria).

Lamashtu and Urgathoa cults would also want power, but are both more willing to mess around in the town to get it.

Norgorber and Rovagug cults would be more for investigation looking for secrets. Norgorber just because, but rovagug would be looking for the secret to his escape.

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Thanks for the insights. There is a Norgorber cult using a level of the Spire already, I believe. Another question, would the Hell's Angels be CE or LE? Or NE?

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There is a Norgober cult already there, yes.

The Hellknights are a LE organization. Hell's Angels would be a tougher call. Are you really going to have them? What will they be riding? I am now seeing a bunch of tough aasimars in leather jackets, riding on very noisy war rhinos...

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