Kingmaker Tips, Especially on Roll20


Hi All,

I'm starting a new Kingmaker campaign, following the Stolen Lands and following paths, and I was wondering if anyone had any additional resources that would be useful.

I plan on using Ultimate Campaign/Ultimate Rulership rules. I've read a bit and will continue to read suggestion threads, now that I know this section exists.

Beyond that, does anyone have any electronic resources for a Kingmaker campaign hosted on Roll20? A host of tokens, functional spreadsheets for NPCs or the like, some method of tracking your own generated content, etc... (I'm looking to cut down a bit of the work I'll have to do with getting Kingmaker up on Roll20).

... Or any suggestions at all? Other books to consider/use? A fantastic spreadsheet of random NPCs/Events, in addition to what the books include? Etc...

Note: The players are all, unbeknownst to them, getting turned into vampires before starting the Stolen Lands. I'm working in some rules there, and will change things for balance (a vampire awareness tracker, for example, so more enemies pack garlic/etc), but figured I'd mention it, in case that causes anyone to have clever ideas (and not just groan at more vampires).


* I keep track of my PCs' kingdom with HeroLab. There are spreadsheets out there if you search for them.

* I keep most of my plotlines, etc., in Google Docs files. I also have standing handouts called "Kingdom Reports" and "People of the Kingdom."

I know I already linked you the daddydm link. But before that, I used an excel document called UCAM I found online. It was surprisingly good. My group was ecstatic when we found the Kingdom Manager by Daddydm though. It opened up a much more interactive and visual effect that the players all could get behind.

You might check out some other threads like this under the Kingmaker forum's past to find other tools.

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