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Hi all!

First, I've read the CUP and am 90% sure that what I'm about to ask is NOT kosher. However, the nagging 10% is enough for me to post this, after not finding a direct answer via the forum search:

Does it violate the CUP to make tokens out of community use items? By using something like, say TokenTool?

We don't charge anything to watch the stream, so I'm not worried about that front, but this seems like it would directly go against the references to editing material being a no-no.

Just hoping a collective slap across the face from the think tank will help clear me up.

... Assuming the non-kosher result, anyone have resources for free-use images that would be fitting for Starfinder?

Thank you!

Ciaran Barnes wrote:

I never had the books nor PDF but I looked online for some decent KM-specific hex maps that I could modify as we explored and developed the area. The lack of satisfying results is what led to hand drawing on blank hex maps.

So are you saying that the Paizo maps lo-res? Thats seems strange. I'd think theirs would be the best.

It could just be my photoshop skills, for when I try and transplant the images from the PDF to photoshop to Roll20. I just copy and past to PS, save the image as a PNG, then upload it to Roll20.

Also, the hex tiles seem to be oddly shaped (or that's an unfortunate side effect of Roll20/my inexperience). Normally I just use free map elements and build my own things, but Kingmaker is the first module I'll be running.

Ah, well, I'm sure it'll work out in the end. The players are fine with theater of the mind stuff from time to time, what's a little shoddy map making?

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
...Later in the campaign when our 5th player dropped out, I took over her map duties, glued together blank hex maps, and hand drew two new full-color maps (one artsy, one with writing) that showed all of the towns, roads, et al.. I like writing and drawing though. We would set out the maps any time travel happened to dtermine how far we could make it before hurrying back to run the kingdom.

One of my biggest concerns is to make the map tracking/building functional in Roll20, but I'm not able to find many decent quality, clear Kingmaker maps.

Basically, I was hoping someone might also have a fantastic suite of digital Kingmaker images I could use. For now, I've got a lower res map, custom hex tiles to cover the spaces, and will use a running "key" to track location specifics.

For this campaign, I imagine we'll make liberal use of Google Docs/Sheets for tracking. And I imagine I'll also run some of the less exciting/in-person required things to be done through e-mail and the like. We don't have any viewership or anything like that, but, if we did (or eventually do), we want to make sure they're not bored by too many mundane details (even though they're what I'm the most excited about, with Kingmaker).

Ciaran Barnes wrote:

This is addressing you actual questions, but wanted to say...

...Of course, your group may split up these tasks differently. Most importantly I feel it is best to keep them all involved.

For their character creation process, I've asked them to construct characters all from (or for some reason in) the town of Highdelve. They are all starting at level zero, and have some sort of profession.

They are not, nor have they ever been, adventurers.

They are to include family members and other relations as well.

First session will be intro, some team building tavern time, an ad-hoc murder investigation, then sudden onset vampirism. There will be a ten year time jump while they go on to become Big Damn Heroes (or Monsters), then they'll get the exploration charter (and prompted to follow it because the vampire group responsible for their condition has been spotted in the area -- and will tie into the final campaign boss, which I understand comes out of left field without GM foreshadowing).

As for the responsibilities, I generally do all those things myself, and leave some minor tasks for the players (we live stream our sessions in weekly, two-hour increments, so it's hard to have them sacrifice time for data tracking and note checking). I'll probably divide this up more for Kingmaker, though, because that's the nature of building a settlement/kingdom, and very different from their normal Murder-Hobo campaigns.

Bradley Mickle wrote:

I would recommend the following...

It is still a work in progress. The creator is active on Paizo's forums. And frankly, even as it is now, is simply amazing.

Does the app feature the additional supplements (UCAMP/URULE)?

This could be very interesting.

... I've started a new thread in the appropriate area, and specified that we'll be playing over Roll20.

Hi All,

I'm starting a new Kingmaker campaign, following the Stolen Lands and following paths, and I was wondering if anyone had any additional resources that would be useful.

I plan on using Ultimate Campaign/Ultimate Rulership rules. I've read a bit and will continue to read suggestion threads, now that I know this section exists.

Beyond that, does anyone have any electronic resources for a Kingmaker campaign hosted on Roll20? A host of tokens, functional spreadsheets for NPCs or the like, some method of tracking your own generated content, etc... (I'm looking to cut down a bit of the work I'll have to do with getting Kingmaker up on Roll20).

... Or any suggestions at all? Other books to consider/use? A fantastic spreadsheet of random NPCs/Events, in addition to what the books include? Etc...

Note: The players are all, unbeknownst to them, getting turned into vampires before starting the Stolen Lands. I'm working in some rules there, and will change things for balance (a vampire awareness tracker, for example, so more enemies pack garlic/etc), but figured I'd mention it, in case that causes anyone to have clever ideas (and not just groan at more vampires).


I had no idea! This was my first official post, and I had assumed "advice" fit my question. Thanks for the redirect, and the resource!

I've read through Ultimate Rulership (I mis-titled it in my previous post) and think it is definitely the way to go. Probably taking too much on, but I'm excited!

Hi All,

I'm starting a new Kingmaker campaign, following the Stolen Lands and following paths, and I was wondering if anyone had any additional resources that would be useful.

I plan on using Ultimate Campaign/Ultimate Kingdom rules.

Does anyone have a functional kingdom spreadsheet? I found one that might work, but, with no working knowledge of how Kingmaker works, I'm not positive how useful it will be.

Also, does anyone have a spreadsheet with NPCs or other things that come up/they've created to add life to the campaign/kingdom?

... Or any suggestions at all? Other books to consider/use? A fantastic spreadsheet of random NPCs? Etc...

It will be a 5 person party with some unique qualities -- I'm not worried about increasing encounter difficulty or anything on that front.