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The Empyrean Order

Name: The Empyrean Order
Alignment: Neutral Good
Preferred Alignments: LG/NG/CG/N
Purpose: Community betterment, protection of the weak, and promotion of justice.
Player Roles Accepted: All
Website: Link

The Empyrean Order is made up of the following sub-companies:
- Argent Crusade: Focused on wiping out Escalations and farming mobs.
- Argent Defenders: Focused on clearing escalataions affecting production/gathering/settlements.
- Argent Vanguard: Focused on PvE research, clearing escalations, dungeons, and part PvP.
- Empyrean Legion: Focused on protecting Brighthaven and the Southern Cragthorns, Anti-Pkers.
- Empyrean Wolves: Focused on scouting, skirmishing, and PvP.
- Explorer's League: Focused on Landmark searching, patrols, and escort trips.
- Phoenix Industries: Focused on refining and crafting.
- The Seraphic Commission: Focused on community events, and hospitality.
- The Golden Scales: Focused on bulk and raw resource gathering, trade, and caravans.

Please apply to one of the above companies.

Political Status -
Signatory of the Roseblood Accord
Member of the Everbloom Alliance

Ideology: The Empyrean Order believes that just because you can do something in a game, that doesn't necessarily mean you should. To that end, we want Pathfinder Online to have a community where PvP is fought at the Settlement and Nation level, while random player killers and griefers are fringe elements rather than mainstream. We have several dedicated organizations specifically in place to help battle these fringe elements.

The Empyrean Order also believes in helping new players, reaching out to the community, and generally making Pathfinder Online a better world for people to enjoy together. The Empyrean Order seeks to carve out a portion of our shared play world where all of the above are true, a place we call home, and hopefully you will too.

Who Should Join TEO?: Everyone who agrees with the above ideology and wants to be a part of an organization that puts it into action. We currently have nine sub-guilds, and if you take a look above you can see each sub-guilds focus. We are looking for the folks who are willing to stand on the front lines as well as those who are willing to work to supply and support them.

We cater to every play-style; from people wanting to be part of an elite military to pacifists; from people looking for a heavy role-play experience to those who'd prefer to avoid it; from Americans and Europeans to Australians and more. Currently our membership represents North Americans, Europeans, Asians, and Australians, you will not find a time of day where you are alone on our mumble channel.

Our Rules:
1. No killing without just cause. One of the main ways we distinguish ourselves is by only killing when we have good reason to do so. More details on what constitutes good reason will be given as we get more details on the game, but for the most part this constitutes enemies of The Empyrean Order and those who are a threat to the general public.
2. Do not make agreements you do not intend to keep. Nobody in The Empyrean order will demand you make promises or enter into contracts, but if you do, then you should honor your word.
3. Respect other members of our order, and try to respect those outside of it as well. I know this rule is very difficult and can rarely be followed perfectly, but know where to draw the line, especially in a public setting. This one will be enforced the hardest on inter-guild drama, any rivalry between members should be friendly. This does not always mean that all members are expected to think alike or see eye-to-eye all of the time or even most of the time. It does mean that these disagreements are expected to remain civil even if you have to agree to disagree.

Joining The Empyrean Order:
1. Look at the top left hand side of your screen, find the tower icon to the right of that, open it, search for one of the above companies, open and apply.
2. Join us on Mumble.
3. Register on the CotP boards.
4. Apply for CotP membership.
5. Introduce yourself in the Pathfinder Online section.
6. Join our PFO Chapter, and check out the other titles our community has to offer.

Mumble Usage: CotP has a dedicated 24/7 Mumble server. Mumble usage is a requirement for all TEO members, but a microphone is not required unless you are part of the military. This is because Mumble is where most of our conversations happen, and if you aren't in there, you really will not get integrated into the community as much as we would like. Mumble does offer text chat options and if everyone in-game is using Mumble then you can likely reply to comments on the Mumble via our in-game chat as well.

Mumble Information:
Port: 64738

Just to clarify, as CotP is mentioned several times: TEO has joined the meta-guild Covenant of the Phoenix (CotP) a while ago and now forms CotP's PFO chapter. CotP shares many of the same values we do and has turned out to a very friendly and welcoming community. It's well worth checking them out if you're ever interested in playing other games as well.

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We are currently the largest and most active company in the game. Right now we are recruiting members for all play styles, but if you are interested in participating in capturing territory and managing it, look no further!

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There is almost always somebody on. Stop by our Mumble, or feel free to try to catch us around our settlement of Brighthaven or hanging out down in the always friendly Keeper's Pass.

This is like the third or fourth time you've relaunched this topic since I edited the original version to reflect we joined CoTP and Lifedragn posted it.

With the exception of changes in the sub-companies, the political status section, and some minor edits that post is written entirely by me.

Please do me a favor and use your own wording next time given I've long since disowned this group. Thanks.

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