Order 3254490 (Pending since Aug 2014)

Customer Service

Hey guys and gals,

I have an order (3254490) that's been pending since August 25th, 2014. I was under the impression this was due to some of the items being on preorder, however, to my knowledge all these items are now available for sale. Any help is appreciated in solving this issue. Thanks as always.

Kevin A. Turner

Customer Service Ray of Funshine

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for bringing your order to our attention. It had been waiting the the pre-orders to be able finish processing, but got stuck in weird state where a shipping method was not assigned to it, so it can't quite finish.

I'll wrestle with this order and get things shipping soon.


Thanks Sharaya. I figured something weird happened. Appreciate your hardworking in getting it taken care of.

Customer Service Ray of Funshine

You are very welcome! Glad to help!

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