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I've just created a Pathfinder Society Character. I entered my attributes. How do I enter my skills, spells, equipment and such? Thanks.

The Exchange 4/5

It has been awhile, but I think you have to put it into the comments box.


You only need to enter those things if you plan to use your character in a play-by-post game on the paizo forums. If you are only using it in face-to-face games, you don't need to; in either case, the paper record of your character is the official one.

Thanks. How do I apply experience I've gained at convention games to my character?

Silver Crusade

you don't do that, john, the GM/event coordinator does it (on the website). you just follow your chronicle sheets.

I assume you have a PFS number and all that?


You write however much XP, PP, fame, etc. you gain from your chronicle sheets on your character sheet (or enter it into Herolab or whatever) and if the amount you gain causes your character to go up a level, update your character sheet to reflect the new level.


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