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My player takes leadership at the same time the cleric has a case of real life that takes him out of the game - the player when given a choice of *anything* says lets get a healer for a cohort... so I come up with something and make up a plan to get them into the game.

Synopsis - player (halfling cavalier) is an escaped slave (backstory) and part of the bellflower network - while staying in Magnimar he is captured by a group of mercenaries who get word of a bounty on him. The bellflower network sends the future cohort who approaches the party for help getting him back (note - cohort is psychic searcher oracle who 'knew' she needed to help before the kidnapping even happened). Player is into the idea - and to introduce the npc will be roleplaying her through the rescue.

Players will investigate and find the hideout - a warehouse in magnimar - where the mercenaries are holed up. 2 fights planned - one inside the big warehouse - and then one inside the cellar where the two leaders are meeting with a pair of duergar (sp?) who are attempting to make a better offer for purchase of the halfling for (no one wants to really know what they do with their captives... honestly). The basement has a hidden entrance that the duergar use and do frequent business with the mercenaries - in this case the bounty is much higher than the dwarves want to pay and so they are arguing over price and past business but have a shield up that silences sounds going out or into the area for 'privacy' which will keep them out of the upstairs fight.

I am looking for maps. Ideally a warehouse map - largish with some open areas and interesting 'stuff' placement - things half high for cover or height advantage - stuff possible to 'bull rush' into something by knocking it over, etc.

Stairs going down under a trap door that's currently open.

Then a sub-level with a meeting room - two offices - a 'common room' and a secret entrance to a tunnel/stairs.

On the off chance that anyone is interested in making this/has a map similar or knows a good link to one - I'd much appreciate it - having seen the maps makers here this was my go-to place.

Note - this is not for online - I will be printing these for battlemaps - as such the quality doesn't need to be super high (dpi) but a grid is a must.

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