Axis and Allies Europe (and / or Pacific) anyone?

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If anyone is up for a play by post style of Axis and Allies Europe (2nd edition) on a Virtual Tabletop (Roll20) please let me know.

I also have Axis and Allies Pacific (2nd edition) if you want to go for the full thing.

Scarab Sages

Maybe. That sounds interesting. If so, I call USSR.

And yes, I'd vote for the full thing.

If other's do not want to play are you up for a 1v1?

Scarab Sages

No thanks; sorry.

NP, Ill let you know if I find enough people.

I love this. If it will be a game in the future please tell me because I am in.

I am in if there are more people.

Scarab Sages

! That is not dead which can eternal lie, etc etc.

I'll stay onboard if we can get a couple more.

I am not playing A&A for the foreseeable future (spending too much time playing World of Tanks).

However, since I originally posted this I had found and they use a program called TripleA to play and I played awhile via that.

If you want to play I suggest going to their forum and finding people to play.

Good luck!

There is a game called Gary grisby world at war that is similar and can be played and emailed around. Highly recommend it

Ah, yes, TripleA. When you stated 2e in your original post, it made me wonder which one you meant.

In theory second edition would be Europe 1940 and Pacific 1940...

But each of those has a second edition so

Europe 1940 (2e) and Pacific 1940 (2e).

I believe most are playing the 1940 2e at this point.

I prefer AE myself.

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