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Hello everyone!

I'm the new PFS Venture Lieutenant for Cincinnati alongside the amazing Andy McDonald. Please send a shout-out if you're local to Cincy. I'd love to hear from you.


Congrats! See you at CincyCon, I expect.


Welcome to the team.

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Thank you, and yes, I shall be at CincyCon helping Andy McDonald with GMing as many tables as possible. He will be handling HQ at that convention, although I will be happily helping him.

Thanks, Geoff! I think I played at the same table as you during a previous CincyCon. I distinctly recall your character riding a summoned shark to rid Golarion of some pesky kelpies.


Aha! Yes!

I had the Hellknight at the table, with the battle chicken.

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Yes, a most memorable session. :)

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