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I will soon start playing a Chelaxian Warpriest of Asmodeus, and I am intentionally subduing my natural inclination to optimize. I will therefore be taking the Fire and Law blessings, and using a Battle Poi.

The trouble is, I haven't the slightest idea what to do with most of my feat slots. I plan to take Power Attack at 3rd, and eventually get your standard weapon specialization and greater focus, but beyond that I have no idea. Any thoughts?

So, here's what I've got. Things in [square brackets] are class features, if the level number is it is a bonus feat.

Human - Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Battle Poi
[Weapon Focus: Battle Poi]
1. ? Maybe Toughness?
3. ?
[3.] Power Attack
5. Weapon Specialization
[6.] ? Lunge maybe? If I use my favored class bonuses for it, I can get two feats here.
7. ?
9. ?
[9.] Greater Weapon Focus
11. ?

I like playing tank and messing with enemy action economy, but any good use of feats would be nice.

I feel like Dazzling Display is thematic. Maybe even dip Thug if you want to be really effective with it. And take Focused Study to get Skill Focus (intimidate) at level 1. That would definitely be a great way to mess with the enemy's action economy.

Also, you can't take Weapon Spec at 5, since it's fighter-only and you can only take those with your bonus feats. You could take it at 6, though.

Also, keep in mind that the battle poi will not benefit from Sacred Weapon damage, as that ability excludes weapons that deal only energy damage.

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I will point out that the battle poi will not do sacred weapon damage. If you weren't aware of that, you may want to switch weapns to a torch.

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11 seconds, RumpinRufus. 11 seconds.

My ninja sense was tingling! Had to act fast.

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You know, I was already on the fence about the poi. They are really cool, but I can't really figure a way to make them work well. I think I'll go with a mace (Asmodeus's favored weapon anyhow) and just get a mage to cast continual flame on it as soon as I can. I'll take a shield and at least have a better AC, even if I can't rack up the damage. Maybe I'll even spend the money to have my mace glamered to look like a torch.

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Well as a worshiper of Asmodeus, torches make good weapons. Unlike the battle poi, it will do sacred weapon damage, and it has great flavor.

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Imbicatus wrote:
Well as a worshiper of Asmodeus, torches make good weapons. Unlike the battle poi, it will do sacred weapon damage, and it has great flavor.

That was my initial plan, but the impossibility of buying masterwork or enchanted torches makes it unfeasible. I think I'll just get continual flame on a mace, take the Fire blessing, and call it a day.

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That works, but you can have a masterwork torch via masterwork transformation, which can then be enchanted.

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I don't think MW transformation works. The spell description specifies that if there is no masterwork version of the item, the spell has no effect. Even if it did, I think it would become a MW toolkit for profession (torchbearer) or something.

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