*** Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: The Complete Collection of Characters ***

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The Complete Collection of Characters

In attempt to build a central resource for custom characters this thread was created. Please post any custom characters you wish to catalog below.

Because of the limitations of this message board I will be hosting these character cards off site for a better user experience.

The Complete Collection of Characters

Thank you for your support.

isaic16 wrote:

Here are some characters I made back in June. They were all a blast to play, if anyone wants to try them. They're based on characters from World of Warcraft. I don't know if you want me to give ratings or what, but here are the threads on them:

Isaic, Draenei Shaman:

Eluril, Drow Cleric:

Bishie Huntress, Draenei Mage:

Fennish, Draenei Hunter:

Snowdragon, Night Elf Warrior:

Serpenttongue, Human Sorceror:

updated with Ragnorath the Avenger

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