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So this is a BBEG I've been working on. FCT allows him to use his primary bite attack in a Flurry. 1 level of a full BAB is necessary for Weapon Focus as level 1. Barbarian fits nicely with Martial Artist Monk. At level 13, he has 5 attacks, plus 2 more if he can land a Stunning Fist, which Mantis Style helps with. Although he doesn't fly on his own, he does have 80 feet of movement with Dodge, Mobility, Improved Trip and Combat Reflexes.

CN Half Orc Medium, with the Toothy Trait
Barbarian 1, Martial Artist Monk rest (built out to level 13).


1 Weapon Focus Bite
2 Bonus Dodge
3 Feral Combat Training Bite, Bonus Mobility
5 Power Attack
7 Mantis Style, Bonus Combat Reflexes
9 Eldritch Claws
11 Mantis Wisdom, Bonus Improved Trip
13 Mantis Torment, Bonus Medusa's Wrath

1 Fast Movement, Rage
2 Flurry of Blows, Stunning Fist, Improved Unarmed Strike
3 Evasion
4 Pain Points, Maneuver Training
5 Exploit Weakness, Martial Arts Master
6 Extreme Endurance, High Jump
8 Physical Resistance
10 Improved Evasion

As a CR 12, is he a formidable foe? Can we tweak anything anywhere? Are there any feats based on IUS that he should add to make his bite better?

Make sure he has a Quick Runner's Shirt so he can get in an extra round of full-attacking.

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Eldritch claws is pretty useless for an adversary, as PCs usually don't have DR/Magic or DR/Silver. Especially when you have exploit weakness. If you want to be really nasty, you could replace it with Belier's Bite.

If you are focusing on Bite, consider using the Dragon Style instead of the Mantis Style to make Bite damage quite good. I am unsure of the viability of Stunning Fist spam against a level 10+ party.

you could also consider taking a second level of Barbarian for both a Rage Power and for the purposes of taking an Archetype like Wild Rager, which I believe stacks with Flurry to give you an extra bite, and you don't need to worry too much about eating your friends since you are a npc.

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The lack of viability is exactly what I like about NPC/BBEG builds, which means Stunning Fist fits in there just nicely. If I wanted a TPK death machine/rocks fall everybody dies...I'd make one...

That being said, if he had more levels, I agree that more Barb is the way to go. 12th level MA Monk gets a bonus feat, combine that with +40 move and the extra attack, it seemed like a sweet spot to build off of.

I like Belier's Bite a lot. Good find, Imb, thank you very much. If he's surrounded, he can get a taste of everyone, and they'll have some bleed to take care of. Give the "healer" of a group something to do.

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I'd actually get rid of the Stunning Fist focus, it's not very fun from the player POV.

Either it does nothing, or it makes a PC lose a turn.
DMs control multiple monsters, so having one stunned means they still get to do stuff, while players (usually) control just one character, thus being stunned means you twiddle your thumbs and keep waiting.

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Since this is for a home game, you can DM fiat changing Stunning Fist to Idiot Strike from the Harrow Warden. It is still a debilitating effect, but it's not as bad as doing nothing, and as a Will Save it's more likely to work on melee PCs.

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There's a lot of things "not very fun" from the player POV.

I hate to be the "fun hater" here, but please, I asked for build advice. I understand what Stunning Fist is and isn't to the population at large.

When I start a thread that asks..."Should I use Stunning Fist in a BBEG buid?" I'd be more than happy to hear your opinion. This is not that thread.

I'm sorry, PA, that this build fails your idea of fun. Hopefully you can find happiness elsewhere.

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