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First off, i need to point out this is my first time ever playing in a PFS event with a character. I just hit level 2 with my halfling cavalier and am looking for any advice, magical must haves, etc, as far as holding my own. So far i have functioned as the tank for my group quite effectively and scored "mvp" for 2 of the three sessions. (local gaming title, no particular worth but bragging rights) He rides a wolf with kikko armor, masterwork cold iron scimitar lance and heavy wooden shield. I have acquired a sleeves of many garments (i think its called) as well as a CLW to give to healers during out sessions to ensure i am covered. My level 1 feat is mounted combat, although nothing has actually swung at the wolf yet for some reason... My traits are reactionary and Flame of the dawnflower. 16,14,14,8,10,10 stats. Anysuggestions where to go from here? I kind of want to lean towards charge damage, but realize there will be times even as a halfling i will be unmounted so need to keep in mind my other fighting skills as well, hence the scimitar. Any advice would be great!

*edited to note, i am also a beast rider archtype*

Are you trying to maximize your mount or your own damage output?

Power Attack for either of you will help. What did you grab for your teamwork feat?

In general:
Trying to maximize charge damage is tricky, because you will often run into difficult terrain or have creatures in your way. A wand of Feather Step can help with the difficult terrain, and at higher levels, you can use potions of fly or overland flight to get airborne charge lanes. Until then, you just have to ask your party members to stay out of your way.

If you want to maximize charging damage, pick up Ride By Attack and then Spirited Charge. Ride-by Attack will let you move past the target and turn around. Later on, Wheeling Charge will be a must-have. Indomitable Mount is also really helpful.

Risky striker is a great feat for any Halfling melee-oriented character.

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Risky striker is great, especially if you combine it with potions of reduce person.

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Click my avatar and see what mounted feats you need. Risky striker is good but power attack comes first. So does spirited charge.

If your doing lancing via spiritual charge I highly recommend a longswords over scimitar because with spirited charge you can do x2 damage.

Your gonna want an adamantine lance with as much straight + you can get to be multiplied by 3. Stack strength as well. Remember you can lance 2 handed to get the most out of power attack.

For your mount you want a military saddle and harness to boost handling your mount. As for armor mithral chain barding is the best without investing in armor training. Uou can get by with MW. Studded leather. Because mounted combat is your mounts melee defense.
For feats on your mount valient steed boosts his saves and allows you to push him into unnatural auras. Most DMs never know about animals and auras but incase you come acrossone that does you will be covered. On my mount his feats are: combat reflexes, body guard, valient steed, iron will....gonna take toughness or greater iron will last. The body guard negates the -2 from charging on your AC. My thought was if he isn't involved in combat he might as well offer me more protection.

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Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:
Remember you can lance 2 handed to get the most out of power attack.

Not just can - but it automatically counts as 2-handed for strength damage & power attack even when wielded in one hand.

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That is something I missed is there a rule you could post up on it? Cause ill start using my shield again if its true and I can prove it in the books.

Same,iwas called on using lance one handed on my last campaign, so i lost a tiny bit of damage, but it's always nice to have it :)

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Fruian Thistlefoot wrote:
That is something I missed is there a rule you could post up on it? Cause ill start using my shield again if its true and I can prove it in the books.

It was in a FAQ -

It's using the logic of that FAQ that people are also using polearms with Swashbuckler's Finesse & slashing grace with a 1 Swashbuckler/3 Phalanx Soldier combo.

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Hello shield....your looking good now. Thanks for that. I didn't know about the FAQ.

Yee-haaa! Sir Stabalot is back in the game!

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