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Hi everyone,
I'm writing because of my GM choice to make every enemy interested in destroying the company magic items. I mean they try every second to destroy the wondrous items we have, such as belts and rings, while we are wearing them in a combat. That's really frustrating for us because we see every magical modifier gone every time we get stuck in a combat and without money we can't even afford to buy them back. Our GM is hated for this.
My questions are: is it possible to do such things? is it reasonable that an enemy, as he see you, decides to destroy your f***ing belt without any kind of magical check in order to verify that it's magical and not just a piece of garbage? how does it work to destroy a magic belt when someone is wearing it? how can we stop him from beeing such a d***?
I've been searching for answers but I didn't find anyone who had similar problems. None talks about his ring destroyed by an enemy who breaks it while it's still on his finger.
please answer me, we are tired of this situation

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This sounds like a situation that needs to be resolved by the players having a sit-down with the DM. If nobody is having fun, the DM 'should' be willing to change in this aspect.

How is he destroying your equipment? Sunder or something else? If he is using Sunder what is his logic for giving every creature Improved Sunder?

Here are some methods for dealing with this:
1) Talk to your GM. It sounds like he is playing creatures vindictively rather than appropriately.

2) The spell Make Whole can repair and restore magic items if your caster level is twice that of the magic item. (DO NOT THROW DESTROYED ITEMS AWAY.)

3) A Hat of Disguise will stall a sunder attempt since they will be unable to see the items properly.
If they cannot see the item they will not know to target it.
Note: the Hat of Disguise cannot vanish into the disguise so it will become a target. BUT, Make Whole will fix that. :)

4) Wear nonmagical extras of equal quality (masterwork).
GM: "I sunder your ring."
Player: "Which one? I am wearing 10."

5) Cast "Magic Aura" on your magical equipment to make them appear nonmagical. Then wear nonmagical extras with the spell "Magic Aura" cast upon them to make them appear magical. This will fool Detect Magic type spells.

In most situations it also doesn't make sense for real foes to target your items since the effects are long-term and in the short-term they're getting killed because they didn't do HP damage. You might try reasoning along those lines if your GM insists that he's trying to play your opponents 'optimally'.

If your GM has decided that they're going to destroy all your stuff, nothing you do can stop it. The GM can just give every monster Improved Sunder, send higher level monsters that break stuff, really, they have absolute power (over the game, they can't stop players from walking out).

It's entirely possible they're doing it for good reason. Minions of a person who knows you're coming for them trying to weaken you. Creatures that eat gear. Mindless things that hate manufactured stuff. And that's all I've got. Everyone else should look at the party's magic items the same way the party looks at theirs. Free loot. Destroying your loot (which smashing magic items does) is almost always bad.

If you're just looking for ways to keep your stuff from getting broken in general there's a few.
Cover it. If they can't see or reach your stuff, they can't break it. Wear gloves over your rings. There's no smashing things through other things. For one thing, targeting would be impossible. Imagine guessing which finger has the ring under a glove. Make sure you specify where you're wearing everything for this (ring on pinky and middle, belt above my belly button, etc.) so your GM can try swinging blind.
Hide it. Either hide it in plain sight with a bunch of others (wear 10 rings, 5 belts, etc.) or try to conceal it (Sleight of Hand covers some things here). Magic Aura helps here (by making the magic item seem nonmagical or by making the duplicates seem magical).
Do without. Next time you buy/fix/get a magic item, toss it in a nonmagical (this is very important, otherwise you lose the contents when the backpack gets sundered) backpack. Put on a normal/masterwork version of the item. See if your GM still wants to smash all of your stuff. If so, congratulate yourself on the easy prey your opponents have become. If not, ask your GM why they suddenly stopped.

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PFFFT! Just make super sneaky throwaway characters who have invested all of their money into Bags of Holding and Portable Holes. Then, every combat, just toss the Portable Hole into the Bag of Holding while surrounded by monsters. Continue this until your GM relents and stops breaking all of your stuff.

Wage war with your GM! Kill every Quest NPC! CHEESE HARD! FOR VICTORY!

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