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Full Name

Vincent Takeda




19th Level Evolutionist Summoner








Chaotic Good

Strength 10
Dexterity 15
Constitution 18
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 20
Charisma 32

About Vincent Takeda

Looks: Bokken wielding leather lamellar wearing Tristam from Clive Owen version of King Arthur.
Personality: Kevin Flynn
Voice: Peter Steele
Fashion: Samurai Hakama (kibagami genjuro but the classic aikido white and black), occasionally a jingasa like raidens from mortal kombat or big trouble in little china...

Has a +6 cha/wis headband, white robe of archmagi, inherent 4 to con and cha from wishes, Luckstone, nymphs inspiration from ROTRL, two worlds magic and lucky traits with prestidigitation as the spell from another class. Permanent tongues, detect magic and comprehend languages. Permanent demiplane with 2x time, bountiful, seasonal, shaping and structure designed as a 30 foot waterfall next to an orchard of cherry and other fruit trees. Also carries a ring of sustenance and another of invisibility, decanter of endless water, boundary chalk, spell component pouch, and handy haversack. He also has karzoug's sihedron tome and robes of xin shalast.

His feats are skillfocus umd, defiant luck, inexplicable luck, magical aptitude, bestow luck, extra evolution x3, craft wondrous items, skillfocus spellcraft. Upon completion of ROTRL he hit level 19 and since he's now joinging the pantheon of npcs, his 19th level feat is leadership.

For a look at what the original concept of Vincent and his Eidolon Zhidurievdriotchka look like...

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