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Karl, a hexcrafter magus.

Hex: Prehensile Hair.

Feats: Combat Expertise, Improved Dirty Trick, Quick Dirty trick.

The maneuver: Magus in melee combat uses Prehensile Hair secondary attack to do a Dirty Trick maneuver to make his opponent blind, then follows up with a blow from his weapon.

The cinematics: Karl and the orcish raider exchanged blows, their swords giving the dull "clang" of metal-on-metal. Their blades locked, and Karl stepped close to the orc. The two -- human and orc -- locked their eyes, each measuring the other's strength and bloodlost. Then ... Karl's eyebrows suddenly thrust out, growing nearly a foot long, and stabbed tiny hairs into the orc's green eyes. As the temporarily blinded orc howled in anger and surprise, Karl brought his sword about, lopping off the orc's head.

Shorter cinematics: Karl's eyebrows grow and he plunges them into the orc's eyes, three stooges style.

You have to add some evasive maneuvers by the orc and a bit more comedic hair involvement.

The first strike is by Karl's beard, forked, going for the eyes. The orc ducks to the side, then the beard move to come at him, feinting to the left and the strike at the orc as it dodges right. The orc manages to get one hand up, fingers straight out, perpendicular to the ground, which blocks the forked bear strike fractions of an inch from the orc's eyes. It grins, readying itself to strike back, when Karl's eyebrows strike from the sides, unable to be stopped by the upraised hand as the forked beard had been.

I'm modeling it a bit off the skeleton hands scene in Army Of Darkness.

I'm thinking about throwing this at my players as a semi-comedic encounter in the near future. One player, in particular, gets flummoxed when something catches him off-guard.

Sovereign Court

Sadly, it doesn't quite work mechanically. Quick Dirty trick needs to be with your highest BAB, which also has to be your first attack. But the prehensile hair is a secondary attack, which has -5 BAB. So RAW you can't substitute it for the dirty trick, you'd need to substitute your sword attack.

Drat!! At the very least, the prehensile eyebrows can be flavor for Improved Feint ...

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