Aid another on a trap or on caltrops?

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Traps and caltrops make attack rolls. Can I use aid another on them to increase their chance of hitting by distracting the enemy?

Example: I am fighting some guy. He can only attack me from that one square so he stays in the caltrop area. Now can I use aid another to increase their chance to hit?

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I don't see why not. You threaten your opponent to make him more likely to take a step back onto a caltrop or trap trigger.

The reason I'm not sure is that you can only aid a friend and that friend must be engaged in melee combat with an enemy.

Can I declare the caltrops my friend and are they engaged in melee combat with the enemy?

PRD wrote:
In melee combat, you can help a friend attack or defend by distracting or interfering with an opponent. If you're in position to make a melee attack on an opponent that is engaging a friend in melee combat, you can attempt to aid your friend as a standard action. You make an attack roll against AC 10. If you succeed, your friend gains either a +2 bonus on his next attack roll against that opponent or a +2 bonus to AC against that opponent's next attack (your choice), as long as that attack comes before the beginning of your next turn. Multiple characters can aid the same friend, and similar bonuses stack.

I'd allow it. I can see it as trying to get them to step in a place where more caltrops are located in the square.


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Sounds like a creative solution to me!

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