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Various 3rd party Pathfinder publishers want to literally give you free books (print and/or PDF) and all you have to do is help add their content to d20pfsrd.com. Seems like win/win/win for everyone since you basically get free books to add 3pp content to the SRD site everyone is using anyway.

Email jreyst@gmail.com from (or include) an email account which works with various Googly-things (News/Docs etc) and you'll be added as an editor. As soon as you add stuff you get free stuff. Sound cool?

Let's GO!

@John: I would be happy to have the content of the SAVAGE and OSSUARITE added to the d20PFSRD site, as well as all the feats and one one new spell of the already added DIRELOCK.*

I'm not sure how you are working your provision of reward, but seeing as I have next to no time or technical ability to do it myself, I can only make it known I'm happy to see the content on your site. ;)

* I know you added the content of the Direlock already, but the feats and spell are missing... :p

Alright, I've been thinking about this. I like it. It's a good idea. And I definitely would like to have a little more content over in the SRD. Not everything, mind you, but two or three more classes would be great.

The compensation is terrible for people who copy over any classes as insane as mine, though.

So, let me sweeten the deal. Shoot me a PM with the class's name if you want to put one of my base classes on John's site. In addition to the free copy of the class and the book from the d20pfsrd.com, I'll offer a free PDF of Strange Magic when it's released, as well as a coupon for one book at cost to produce.

We'd love to have someone take a crack at some of the stuff in Gonzo.

The Exchange

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Thanks Interjection and Little Red for helping try to get more folks involved.

Yeah you guys rock. ;p

Like the ent, you are invisible until somebody upsets you enough to make you tear down his ivory tower.

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