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Gareth-Michael Skarka wrote:

Should we have heard something by now?

Adamant Entertainment signed up on the first day that ORC was announced, but we haven't received any emails.

Yes, you should have received an introductory email welcoming you to the alliance with a link to the ORC Discord server. That is all I have received thus far.

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Sasayaki wrote:
Compnative wrote:

So grateful for all of your efforts, thank you!

"Reputation is only a candle, of wavering and uncertain flame, and easily blown out, but it is the light by which the world looks for and finds merit." ~ James Russell Lowell

"Trust arrives by foot but leaves by horseback."

Also, I am one of those (very minor) OGL publishers, but I haven't gotten any emails yet. Did I mess it up? Or haven't there been any?

You may have missed it, check your Trash? I got one about two hours ago - did you sign up - I think I followed a link from the original blogpost announcing the ORC licence.


My feedback to Paizo would be: “there are some worrying trends that are apparent in the security of my data with your organisation and website; please advise as to what you are doing to ensure cybersafety/data protection”.

Both as a customer and a 3rd party publisher.

Yep. What he said.

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Having been on somewhat of a self enforced hiatus from posting, but still keeping up with news/release info etc I feel a monumental shift currently. Never a giant fan of the corporate culture as evinced by Paizo, nor a fan of Golarion. But I enjoyed PF1 immensely, and though my play options for PF2 are pretty much PbP or run it myself for family I am coming to slowly understand the ruleset.

So I am not particularly surprised that a company mistreats its workers. Reading the offerings from Lissa Guillet, Liz Courts and most recently Mark Seifter’s piece on the cost of producing RPGs ( constantly battling the thought in the back of his mind that to actually obtain a decent wage, the truth for him and others at Paizo is to leave) well these are fairly common worker’s struggles the world over.

Liz Courts has been a bastion of professionalism, pleasantness and candour through all of my dealings with her as a 3rd Party Publisher. Her obvious dedication to the hobby, to Paizo and its community cannot be overstated. Her statements are exemplary and show beyond a shadow of a doubt that there have been serious shortcomings that were identified but not acted upon.

The responsibility for the actions of an owned company fall to the owner/s. Regardless of who was or was not making decisions for the welfare of the employees/all stakeholders, Lisa Stevens can recreate Paizo. In a fairer manner. Diversity and inclusion means every human, every animal, every tree. As the water cycle flows through you and flows through me. Each decision that impairs that cycle (printing, energy, labor, wages, rights, transportation, healthcare, mindfulness - ethics) impairs all stakeholders, internal and external.

Mark makes a point that RPGs cost less to buy per page than they did in 1974. And cites low wages as a factor that enables that. But so does outsourcing cheap printing, or any other of the myriad cost-cutting measures that almost every business engages in. And the argument is always “but we are a business”.

Yes you are, and how you run that business - the core ethic determines the choices you “force” yourself to make. I would pay more for a product if I knew the employees were paid more; and hope to pay a little less where middle managers were not necessary to endure happy workers from home could work when and how they want twice as productively; and more again when cradle to cradle printing in the local area in a non-toxic fashion employed yet more local people. And on ad nauseum.

Clearly there are steps that can be taken, but which ones will they be?

- Oceanshieldwolf/Morgan Boehringer

P.S. Hi to Umbral Reaver. Been a long time, glad to see you return.
P.P.S Also, Steve Geddes is such a stalwart of a customer I’m fairly certain he’s the only customer to have featured in a Paizo Blog pretty much for how much of a stalwart customer he is. And I’m pretty sure he cancelled all his subscriptions in the past few days. A patron of the business for 12 years. That is no small thing. And Steve is one of the most infuriatingly pleasant, kind, moderate human beings I know - he is taking what I believe is a considered socio-economic step, as are many others, to signal dissatisfaction with a product - the production of labor and its attendant processes. Not sure why I mention this, but if Steve Geddes is this worried then it is already well night time for change.

Thanks Sam, will do!

Hi CSR folks,

I sent an email to early last week (or earlier?) but have received no reply. It is possible I missed it in my junk/spam folder - can you advise whether my email was received and if any reply was sent? Thank you in advance...

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So...umm...another lucky13 winner!!!

* Rednal

I'll let the irrepressible webstore co-ordinator Rick Kunz know...

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Looks like the final lucky13 winners are:

* grimdog73
* Jaxom Dragonheart
* Baron arem heshvaun

I'll get your PDFs to you ASAP - or you can PM me to send me a Drivethru conversant email and I'll get 'em to you sooner.

Once again, thanks to taig for organising this, and nice to see the 3PP community feeling the generous!

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Seems a few folk haven't received their FGP PDFs yet - if you haven't send me a PM. If you've already sent me a PM, don't send another! ;)

Seeing as we are in the holiday period things might move a bit slower, so have a little patience. Have a happy and safe holiday period too!

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Today's Forest Guardian Press recipients are Glorf Fei-Hung, and Jonathon Wilder.

I'll let the ubertastic Rick Kunz know!!!

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Everybody except Calex should have their lucky13 FGP PDFs. If you haven't received them, send me a PM!!!

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So, the following fine users and aliases have been given to the inevitable Rick Kunz for prize-gifting of the entire FGP product line*.

* The Archive
* Readerbreeder
* Solnes
* bitter lily

Hope you enjoy!

* it sounds much bigger than six PDFs that way...

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Lucky 13 winners:

* necromental
* Alexandros Satorum

I'll let the debonair Webstore Co-ordinator Rick Kunz know to gift you all six FGP PDFs

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Congrats lynora - I'll alert the superlative Rick Kunz to gift you all six FGP products...

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Looks like it's


For the Lucky 13 win as the RNG seems to think giving Lathiira and Oddman80 13's again is funny.

I'll let the inimitable Rick Kunz know to gift you all six FGP PDFs JosMartigan.

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To all those Lucky13 winners:

The first lot of PDFs gifted to:

* Oddman80
* Lazaro
* Lathiira
* pulseoptional

should now be in your respective account downloads.

The second lot:

* Voadam
* Limeylongears
* Bardess
* lucky7

I have sent the request to the fabulous raptor-avoiding Rick Kunz - these should be in your downloads forthwith. Which means "sometime before the end of eternity*, and after a small amount of time feeding the raptors some bleached gnome** Oceanshieldwolf reckons might keep them busy"***."

* yes, eternity will end someday. Mwahahahaha. Or night. (Eviller**** mwahahahahaha)
** finding said bleached gnome may prove difficult
*** quote not actually supplied by the wonderful Rick Kunz
*** is so a word

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Looks like it's:


as the Lucky 13 winners...

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Looks like Oddman80 wins a complete set of Forest Guardian Press publications! Oceanshieldwolf also got a 13 in the initial roll, so because he is me, he gets them too!!!! And seeing as Lazaro did too, I'll gift them to Lazaro as well.

In fact, let's change the rules. Any roll of 13 (retroactively, as well as in the way forward machine) gets all 6 FGP products. I'll check the first roll off, and find out who that is.

Current winners of the Lucky 13 FGP prize:


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Woah! Killer review!!! And kudos to Secret was a real pleasure bringing this project to light...

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Wow, what a fantastic review!!! You always say such nice things Thilo, even when waving the critique-stick. Yup, definitely some Ooops! moments in this one, but I am glad you saw the shine through the mistakes.

I have a revised version almost complete, with a new archetype added as well. I'll post a changelog/discussion here as I did with the Direlock, only this time perhaps in a spoiler!

Once again, thanks for taking the time to do these exhaustive reviews.

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Alrighty then. Just like last year:

FGP wrote:

Ok. Since nobody ever said "let they wot is rolled an unnatural 13 during a Third Partymas roll-off be first", Forest Guardian Press will gift whoever gets an unmodified 13 (because maybe there are sekrit modifiers....) during a roll off will get all four Forest Guardian Press PDFs.

And the third runner up on the twelfth day of Third Partymas gets that offer too.

Except now I think FGP has, wait for it.....six products!!! so the unlucky lucksters get all 6!!!!

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Thanks for all that you have done for the 3PP community - your swift and effective email replies have made the experience of being a 3PP all the more enjoyable, and your forum help and advice without parallel.

May your future endeavours garner you as much love, praise and respect as has been showered upon you here.

And I'm definitely one of the cantankerous ones...

Shimekiri wrote:

Hi all=) Would this be a proper place for an artist to place a "Looking for work" post?


I'm not sure it is, but I do feel there should be an easier way to find potential artists for RPG products than trying to track them down thru Behance or DeviantArt.

One thing you could do, at the very least, is have a link to your online portfolio in your profile for interested publishers to peruse.

I have seen, I think, someone looking for editing work make a thread here, but I personally found it distasteful. Not sure why. Possibly because I'm a grumpy old wolf.

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And again! Thanks Liz!

There are a few that apply to channeling, and one or two that act akin to mercies, yes.

This revised fervor provides a broader range of choices for a Warpriest's fervour beyond the normal heal/harm and swift-casting.

Essentially some provide different action economy utility, or direct buffs to other warpriest abilities. The vanilla Warpriest's fervor capabilities are also in there, renamed Fervor Heal/Harm, and Fervor Casting.

Thanks Liz!

Thanks for the review Craig Bonham 141! Glad you liked the flavor as well as the mechanics!!!

Sending you a PM re: the nitpick.

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Thanks for the shout out Liz (or whoever it was!)!!!

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The Wildshot is a shootin' gun totin Brawler; the Studied Theosophist gets all Knowledge skills and a metaphysic pool to help with casting in exchange for channel; the Torrent Duelist is an unarmored fighter with different techniques for one-handed, two handed and two-weapon fighting; the Vault Raider is tricksy with traps and sports the new Delving implement; the Brigand is a bruiser in medium armor with some bullying and ambush related abilities; the Lurking Predator is a spell-less Hunter with a Ferocity pool and deeds to use with that Ferocity (that the Animal Companion can use too); the Eye Collector likes to stab you and make you blind and maybe take your eyes too for disguises and the Shawled Viper is a poison user.

The Order of the Veil is all about protecting the mind and being unseen/forgotten.

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Thanks Liz!

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HERE is a post that should give you some information to help get you started.

As it says in the post linked - ask Liz Courts anything to do with publishing Pathfinder compatible products.

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Craig is (at least in one case) talking about THIS error he found in the Direlock Base Class.

Essentially it's a time related endeavour. Updating the file isn't particularly onerous - although I do publish each PDF in two formats - a full color format, and a b/w format.* You'd be surprised how a little block of text can however throw out the layout/image placement, pagination and bookmarks. Happily I don't envision the removal of some erroneous text too taxing in this case.

The other, again not particularly onerous time sink comes from uploading the new files to all the places the PDFs are held - in the case of the Direlock that would be OBS (Drivethru), Paizo and the d20PFSRD Store.

Another problem comes from the content that appears on the d20PFSRD site - the Direlock text comes from the PDF, and any errors in the PDF are replicated on the site. I've been trying to get John to add the Direlock-only feats to the site for a while, and the spell list and one new spell for a while, but he's plenty busy without worrying about my bespoke little desires....

I *should* have done "it" (fixed the PDF) ages ago, and it was top of my list after setting up my computer after moving house. Which I was due to do today. Then I discovered my son's high temperature of a few days ago may have some connection to the red spots now covering his trunk and head.

So, I'll get to it as soon as I can.

And sorry for neglecting to say earlier Craig: thanks for the catch. I was wondering why nobody else had noticed until now.

*(Louis Porter jnr once kindly tried to explain to me how to make the one file do both, but it didn't really seem to do what I wanted - not just turn off the images but make a simple concise, layout-cleared, images cleared text only version).

Yep. That is an error. Been meaning ot correct that one for quite a while. ;)

The Direlock gets no cantrips/0 level spells.

I used the Dreamscarred logo for the Direlock as it is Psionics conversant.

If I made a class, or used an NPC in an adventure that used the Composition system I would want to use your CompatLogo yes.

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Very nice Ragi, though I am unfamiliar with the inspiration/source material, from reading the wikipedia entry it definitely feels right.

I'm liking the psi-lock (;P) mix you have going on there, the direlock (and thus the dire mantle) specifically works with psionic power points too, so having your allies spam you with power points works a treat also...

Thanks for making these available to the fanbase,and for all your work on creating character sheets for 3PP classes...

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Treppa, French Wolf and DSXMachina - you should now all have your PDFs from Forest Guardian Press...

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Treppa wrote:
Forest Guardian Press wrote:

And Treppa was also eligible to get all FGP products for getting a 13 on a roll-off...

So congrats to

French Wolf

I'll contact Liz Courts and get those PDFs out to you ASAP...

Thank you so much! Since I "won twice", is there any chance of getting the second set regifted to the guy who entered me in the first place, DSXMachina? That would be awesome, karmically.

I've been looking at the products and am really excited about them! Woo!

Sure, sounds like a plan. I'll send another email to Liz Courts...

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And Treppa was also eligible to get all FGP products for getting a 13 on a roll-off...

So congrats to

French Wolf

I'll contact Liz Courts and get those PDFs out to you ASAP...

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Ok. Since nobody ever said "let they wot is rolled an unnatural 13 during a Third Partymas roll-off be first" Forest Guardian Press will gift whoever gets an unmodified 13 (because maybe there are sekrit modifiers....) during a roll off will get all four Forest Guardian Press PDFs.

And the third runner up on the twelfth day of Third Partymas gets that offer too.

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Yes, sorry to be tardy as well - been keeping tabs on the thread, but like Christos, real life is keeping me from...stuff.

Thanks for the considered shout-out Malwing!

The good news is that I'm getting close to finally pushing Yggdrasil out the door, and Warpriest: Nuances (working title) is 98% complete. Just have one chart to finish and it's ready.

Sent you a PM Micah...

I think by applying you... now have it. My recollection may be hazy, but by going through the steps you are now Registered. Check with Liz Courts at

to make doubly sure. I don't remember getting any notifications, and also being a little mystified. If this is the case, there may be some tweaking that can be done - I just figured it was me being a little obtuse. :)

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Wow, only just saw that - thanks Ragi!!!


I'm currently working on a book of uses for and alternative access to Fervor as well as a few Warpriest archetypes, and I'm curious what you meant by this:

Melkiador wrote:
I want a lot of small changes for the warpriest, but the obvious thing it should have had was being able to use fervor for spells on its equipped equipment.

* What are the other small changes you would like to see for the Warpriest? How would you make the class less MAD?

I'd be happy to give full credit to you (or any one else - Rynjin, Secret Wizard?) for any ideas.

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[threadjack]I'm sure Christos would be completely chuffed to hear that folks are liking (and using!) Fighter: Nuances.[/threadjack]

While not so much a fan of the setting, I am very muh a fan of Thunderscape's classes and equipment. I look forward to seeing what Endzeitgeist/Thilo has to say...

The Ragi wrote:
You can now keep tabs on your Savage with her own character sheet! Download for free at

Fantastic! Thanks to The Ragi!!! This should help folks get Savage!!!

The Ragi wrote:
So, any plans for an unchained savage? Since both barbarian and monk got the spotlight on that book...

Sorry - only saw this today.

No plans as yet - I'm yet to properly familiarise myself with Unchained.

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Nice work reviewers!

Good advice Louis, and I do use InDesign.

However the layout change is huge when you remove the art...It's really just a small matter of c + p some text boxes and making new nested bookmarks. Admittedly my biggest PDF is only 20+ pages...

It's definitely an option .

Forest Guardian Press releases all its PDFs as bundles with two versions -

- a full color, full artwork (sometimes all color, sometimes a mix of color cover and b/w interior) for web/device viewing version AND

- a LITEPRINT version that is b/w with no decorative borders, and no art.

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