What to do for Wardrummers

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As of the most recent Additional Resource Guide the Belkezen Wardrummer is legal for play in PFS.

This please me greatly.

But the Belkezen Wardrummer gains craft magic arms and armour at 7th level. This is an illegal feat. Is there something that should be swapped in, such as lore master (which it originally replaced)? Or is the class feature considered lost?

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What book is it from?

Scarab Sages

Advanced Class Origins.

For now, the class feature is lost. However, it might get changed in the future.

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Might be an oversight then. Keep an eye on the Additional Resources list to see if it gets added.

Also, flag this thread as an FAQ candidate. The more people do that, the earlier will campaign leadership notice it.


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Would be awesome if they got a bonded item drum but probably wont happen.

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