Item interaction with summons, allies and planar creatures

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Question for those more rule savvy than I.

1. If you cast summon monster (I-IX), and the creature picks up an item, would that item return with the summoned creature to its home plane once the spell duration ends? (I'm unsure on this one, I haven't found any rules pointing me one way or another)

2. Same scenario, except the creature is summoned via planar ally. (My thought is yes, due to the payment/bribe system in place)

3. Same scenario, except the create enters the material plane via gate. (My thought is yes, same as #2)

4. If you plane shift to a known entities location, hand over an item to it, then planar ally / somehow call it to the material, can it bring the item back with it? (My thought is yes, as you are face to face with the creature)

If there are other interesting ways for summoned / allied creatures to make off with things from the material plane, sing out. Much obliged.

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At work so I can't look this up, but

1) I believed it mentioned that once a summoned creature dies it and all its possession vanish with it even if said possession fell to the ground before it died. I would tend to think the opposite is true that it couldn't bring items back with it.

2 and 3) I would agree with you there.

4) Yes except with Summon Monster as the spell calls forth a generic beast of the type you summoned. It even says in lesser planar ally, that if you know a specific creature's name then you can basically request him/her (assuming you are on good terms).

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1) No, the item they picked up wasn't summoned with the spell and therefore has no part of the spells effect. Anything they were wearing when summoned (armor, weapons, whatnot) would go back with them even if they took it off before returning.

2) and 3) Calling spells dont actually force a creature onto your plane, it merely calls out to them and they come if they wish it. Technically the creature entering the plane is there of its own power and not yours, so when it leaves, it leaves because it wants to, not because a spell effect has ended and will either drop anything it was holding on to or take it back with them if they feel like it. Basically GM's call since he is technically in control of a called being.

4) As long as it's a calling spell and not a summoning spell, i see no reason why not.

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There used to be 2 schools of thought about summoned creatures.
The first was that summoned creature is a general member of their type without any special equipment beyond what their description allows (magic weapons for angels, for example).
The second school of thought said that a spellcaster could summon a specific creature. If that summoner gives an item to that creature and the creature returns to its home plane still in possession of the item, then the next time that creature is summoned, it appears with that item equipped.
So it really depends on how your GM wants to rule it. I give my players the choice between the two. If they give a suit of armor to a creature that can use it, they appear at each summoning wearing that armor.
However, I also agree in part with Crazy Alchemist. If the summoned creature picks up an item on its own (without any interaction with the summoner), that item does not return with the summoned creature.

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