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Good morning,

According to my order history part 2 of Iron Gods shipped and was completed on Sept 16th. I have not yet received the shipment and this is well outside typical delivery times. Are you aware of any delays that may have occurred on your end?

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Hello Robert,

I'm sorry to hear that Lords of Rust has not yet arrived! It looks like it was processed for shipping on the 19th, and was estimated to take 4 - 8 business days in transit. Therefore, it should have been delivered to you by Wednesday.

It is possible that there were just some delays at the post office, so it may yet be delivered. I have set up a replacement in your sidecart to be sent out with your October subscriptions, just in case it truly is lost. Please let me know if the original package does show up and I can cancel the replacement. Otherwise, it should automatically be shipped out with your subscription.

Please don't hesitate to ask if there are any further questions or concerns that I would be able to assist you with in the meantime.


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