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For some reason, my order seems to have grabbed what must have been a lurking S&S Character Add-On Deck and a pile of promos from my side-cart, so there's two of the entire set of Add-On and August Promos in this order.

I don't suppose that it'd be possible to swap the extra Add-On/Promos for a Bard Class Deck, so that I'm not getting any unnecessary duplicates but still getting what (I think) should be the same final cost (and thus negate any need for money acrobatics)?

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I have made the requested changes to your order and sent you an updated confirmation email. Please feel free to look through it to make sure that everything looks correct. If anything needs to be changed, I would be glad to get it taken care of for you.


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Looks fine to me, now. Thanks lots!

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