Master of Many Forms, Converted to PF?


A PrC I'm very interested in. However, as Wild Shape has dramatically changed from 3.5 to PF, I'm wondering what actual effect that PrC would have for a Druid under PF rules. How would it interact? How would it change the Druid's wild shape? Would it be worthwhile in any way to take in PF?

Thought about convertingting the guy too.

The current Pathfinder rules don't have an ability to Shapechange into a Fey an Aberration or an Ooze, but those should be manageable. You would need to make a list of abilities which those forms allow you to use.

Fey: Small +4 Size Bonus to Dex, -2 Str
Medium +2 Size Bonus to Dex

Low Light Vision, Vermin Empathy, Hatred(Mite), Meld with Trees(Dryad), Unearthly Grace (Nymph)...

Most Feys won't make useful melee combatants so you might maybe add some specific unique Spell-Likes like Insibility, Speak with Animals...

Ooze: do it like the Cave Druid Archetype

Aberration: Might pose the biggest problem here, treat them as magical beasts for your Wildshape, then add some cool abilities.

Now there is "Extraordinary Wild Shape (Ex): Starting at 7th level, a master of many forms gains the extraordinary special qualities of any form she assumes with wild shape.", which undoubtedly is a broken ability.
There almost certainely are monsters out there, who have Ex, that will be gamebreaking on a PC. And there will still be new ones published.

I'd fix this by looking through some possible shapes and create an advanced list of special abilities to add to your shapes. Since its a homegame you can adjust and compromise, when you consider new forms.

As it stands the class lacks a punch compared to Pathfinder martials.

I would look at the Master Transmogrifist and take some abilities from him:

"Manifest Senses (Su): At 2nd level and higher, a master transmogrifist gains the senses of his favored shape when he assumes its form. Senses include extraordinary special qualities such as blindsense, blindsight, darkvision, low-light vision, scent, and tremorsense."

"Battle Mastery (Ex): At 3rd level, a master transmogrifist gains a +2 competence bonus on all attack rolls he makes while in one of his favored shapes. This bonus increases to +4 at 6th level and to +6 at 9th level." - Maybe add some damage too.

"Reflexive Change (Ex): At 7th level and higher, a master transmogrifist has the ability to change into a favored shape via a transmutation spell in response to an opponent's action once per day. If he has an appropriate spell prepared and chooses to use this ability, he can change form as an immediate action (see page 86) in response to the action of another creature. For example, a master transmogrifist might turn into a dragon turtle to gain a high Armor Class against an impending attack, or change into a red dragon to gain immunity to the fire damage of an enemy's fire storm spell. The spell is expended as if the transmogrifist had cast it normally, and he remains in his new form until either the spell's duration expires or he dismisses it. A transmogrifist gives up his next action to make a reflexive change. If a master transmogrifist is currently under the effect of a shapechange spell he cast on himself, he can use his reflexive change ability as often as he likes (although never more than once per round). Each time he uses it, he loses his next action."

Silver Crusade

You can certainly wild shape into an ooze with the cave druid archetype. The rest I'm not sure of.

Black Plauge, is that you?...

I saw this prestige class a while back and searched if anyone had converted it to PF as I really liked the concept. I agree that Extraordinary Wild Shape as a whole would be broken, however as per I3igAl's suggestion, making a list of usable abilities such as how wild shape does now would help with that.

As to whether it would be worth it? Well that depends on what you want your character to be. Since I tend to play melee druids, I would absolutely take this, but it does significantly stunt the druids ability to spellcast.


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So for the most part the parts already exist to do it. Shifter's Speech is Wild Speech. Fast Wild Shape is Quick Wild Shape. Extraordinary Wild Shape is exceedingly broken in the current paradigm and should be removed or replaced with a list of possible features, I'll get to those later. Evershifting Form is probably fine as-is. The new list needs to be reshuffled. The order you gain forms should be Alter Self, Monstrous Humanoids, Undead, Vermin, Elementals, Plants, Dragons, and Giants. That's just based on the order you would gain the spells. The size increases are handled quite well by the spells so when it says you get to change to larger forms you can just increase what level all your current shapes work at. I'll explain it better later.

So for a final list I'd probably go Humanoid, Monstrous Humanoid, Undead, Fey (you'll have to make this one up), Vermin, Elementals, Plants, Ooze (use Beast Shape III+ and magic beasts), Aberrations (you'll have to make this one up), Dragons. You can probably remove Fey or Aberrations and add Giants instead, Giants go at the very end after Dragons.

For the increases (using my list) the levels would be:

  • 1. Alter Self
  • 2. Alter Self, Monstrous Physique
  • 3. Alter Self, Monstrous Physique, Undead Anatomy
  • 4. Alter Self, Monstrous Physique II, Undead Anatomy II, Fey Shape
  • 5. Alter Self, Monstrous Physique II, Undead Anatomy II, Fey Shape, Vermin Shape
  • 6. Alter Self, Monstrous Physique III, Undead Anatomy III, Fey Shape II, Vermin Shape II, Elemental Body
  • 7. Alter Self, Monstrous Physique III, Undead Anatomy III, Fey Shape II, Vermin Shape II, Elemental Body, Plant Shape
  • 8. Alter Self, Monstrous Physique IV, Undead Anatomy IV, Fey Shape III, Vermin Shape III, Elemental Body II, Plant Shape II, Ooze Shape
  • 9. Alter Self, Monstrous Physique IV, Undead Anatomy IV, Fey Shape III, Vermin Shape III, Elemental Body II, Plant Shape II, Ooze Shape, Cthulhu Form
  • 10. Alter Self, Monstrous Physique IV, Undead Anatomy IV, Fey Shape IV, Vermin Shape IV, Elemental Body III, Plant Shape III, Ooze Shape II, Cthulhu Form II, Form of the Dragon

Basically, every level where it says "You can now wildshape to X size creatures" you instead increase the level of all forms you had before that level.

As for Extraordinary Wild Shape, something like: "If the form you turn into has one of these abilities or a better version you gain: DR 5, regeneration 5, energy resistance 20, more things I can't think of" So you gain some abilities regardless of whether the spell you're using normally grants them. The other possibility is "When you change shape you may choose one ability not granted by the shape you are using from any of the others forms you may assume." So you can slap, say, pounce from Monstrous Physique II on an Air Elemental from Elemental Body.

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