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So the new technology guide is out. It has lots of stuff in, and some of it has ambigious rules text.

Technology guide wrote:

This bulky bracelet is covered in blinking blue lights and pulsing holographic emitters. A hard light shield produces a translucent but substantial holographic barrier when activated. The shield bonus counts as a force effect and applies to the wielder's touch AC against beam and ray attacks (but not other touch attacks). As a transparent force effect, a hard light shield provides no bonus against lasers. A hard light shield can be used to deliver shield bash attacks like a heavy shield.

When turned off, a hard light shield provides no AC bonus and imposes no spell failure chance. Activating or deactivating a hard light shield is a move action. This item occupies the wearer's wrist slot.

Does the hard light shield occupy a hand as well as the wrists slot?

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