Undine Underwater Crossbow Master (PFS legal - yes, I've got a race boon)


Silver Crusade

So... I managed to get my hands on the race-boon to play an Undine character, and I've had an idea for an amphibious above- and under- water sniper/ranged combatant for a while (as a role-playing thought-- hadn't worked out the mechanics on him)--

What'cha all think-- best done with Ranger? Slayer? Gunslinger (Bolt Ace)? Or some 4th class I hadn't mentioned... any other archetypes, and-or specific feat chains and items I should be looking for?

Requesting advice for how to best pull it off in PFS...

The biggest challenge with crossbows is going to be the extra feats needed. Archery already requires 3-4 'core' feats, and needing to add Rapid Reload and Crossbow Mastery to that list will make the first couple levels a bit rough.

Bolt Ace is cool, but as written there's a lot of problems with useless features (like still getting Gunsmithing).

Too bad Zen Archer doesn't work with crossbows.

Ranger or Slayer both get some bonus feats and cool features, which helps. Ranger is better able to take advantage of the racial Wisdom bonus, but Slayer is more versatile for foe choices, which is good in PFS.

While not a particularly spectacular archetype, taking at least a few levels of Fighter (Crossbow Master) might help get the feats you need early.

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