Group Hug! (Verminous Hunter)


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Here's the base concept.

Leech vermin focus, with a leech companion. Be a half-orc and sprinkle in some Group Hug.

Is three in an embrace not enough? Eldritch Heritage yourself a King Crab familiar, not only does the little guy give you a +2 untyped grapple bonus, if he's a valet he shares your teamwork feats so he can scuttle into the fray with his adorable little pincers (hopefully after you and your companion already have a solid grip and provide him a solid assist).

Proceed to spread the love!

Less optimal would be going max crab theme (the giant crab companion is only small, so it has difficulty using Grab. The Leech has Attach). Other grabbing themes are the Mantis and Scorpion. The Mantis is a good companion (bigger than the crab, plus it flies so you could ride it out of combat once you hit the size increase), while the Scorpion is a good familiar.
You can mix and match a menagerie, or skip the familiar and save the feats.

Edit: This is a rough sketch for a build. It's worth considering if there are any worthwhile dips (ex. dip monk for free Improved Grapple and Wis to AC/CMD, or dip two into MoMS for Snapping Turtle Clutch and IUS to take Improved Grapple yourself, or maybe dip into Strangler Brawler for 1-2 levels)

I'm thinking of playing a 1/2 Orc verminous hunter for the Iron Gods AP b/c of brutal grappler. Maybe the crab stretches things out a bit. The worm aspects fast healing is what attracted me to the archetype initially, along with the grab on the mantis companion. I'm loathe to take a one level dip in brawler/monk for better grapple damage, but it may be the only way to avoid taking unarmed at 1st and improved grapple by 3rd. Although, it may be possible to avoid all that by stacking teamwork feats on the 1/2 Orc and giving the mantis an intelligent score at 4th and making it the main grappler.

Maybe give my hunter the trait that gives him a bite attack, that way his grapple damage automatically deals lethal. Thoughts?

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 16

Worm is an excellent main aspect for your companion, then you can change to Leech once combat begins.

I like the Mantis because flying mount utility. If Iron Gods doesn't have many big foes, then it's a solid choice. If enemies are too big, Grab doesn't trigger, but a Leech's Attach will.

You don't have to use unarmed to do damage in grapple, you can use your favorite light/one-handed weapon.

The bite trait is top tier in general, so you can't go wrong with it. But it's not necessary just for dealing lethal in grapple.

If you don't want to dip, I think you can afford IUS/Improved Grapple if you skip the King Crab Valet (though it would be hilarious).

Note: Vermin start at Int -. The first bump only brings it to 1. It's gonna take a while to hit Int 3 (level 14).

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