What can I do if my GM never gives me a chronicle?

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I recently ran a PFS session online through Google hangouts and Roll20.

The GM told the party that the chronicles would be available within 30 minutes through dropbox. It has now been about a week and they were never made available. I have contacted some of the other players from that game, they never received their chronicles either. The game was also never reported online.

I emailed this GM twice, and I posted on the original forum post where the game was announced. I received no response.

I am now at a loss and would appreciate some direction, thanks anyone that can help.

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A week is not a long time. While it's unfortunate that the GM has been out of contact, it may be as simple as him being ill, or temporarily losing his internet connection, etc. I'd give it a bit longer before assuming your chronicle is lost forever.

If it's causing problems with wanting to play that PC again and not having a complete chronicle record, then most GMs will be reasonable about it, especially if you show them the recruitment thread from the game in question with your attempts to get a response from the missing GM.

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Unlike Paz I consider a week delay with no communication unacceptable.

I'd try contacting Jesse Davis, VC of online play to get your problem resolved.

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A week's delay is huge, even for an online game.

Where was the game advertised? Being able to find the GM on paizo.com might help, though Rob is right, the VO's will also help you out. They'll likely need to track down the GM's PFS number.

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Also realize that GenCon just got over. Its quite possible that the GM went to the con. I know I was without internet for pretty much six days, or without email at least.

Thanks for all the replies. I think I will give it a couple more days just in case it has something to do with GenCon.

I have a chronicle issued by this gm from a session a month or so ago, so I have the PFS number. To answer Avatar's question, it was advertised on PSOC, but I believe there was a posting on paizo's forums as well.

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Could be a combo of the dropbox client having stalled on the computer they prepped the chronicles on, and it not having pushed into the cloud yet. (I sync five computers across dropbox, it's rare that this happens, but it's also bloody silent.... "Why isn't that updated? it's right here, why isn't it there...."

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