Swashbuckler thrower build


Would it be viable to make a thrower/switch hitter build with the swashbuckler?

The swashbuckler's precise strike adds the swashbuckler damage to light or one-handed piercing melee weapons even when they are thrown. There are several piercing light or one-handed weapons out there that can be thrown.

Would you dip into another class with such a build or go straight swashbuckler?

- Monk would add flurry if you use a monk weapon like the wushu dart, which is already a good weapon because of the neglect able weight.
- Warpriest would increase the damage die (depending on the weapon used).
- The fighter (brawler) gets a bonus to hit and damage with the close weapon group, which many throw-able melee weapons are in. But needs 3 levels which is a lot for a dip.

If you can get a scaling SLA as prereq for arcane strike and the splintering weapon feat (with bone wushu darts) you should be able to deal some damage while still being able to go melee when it suits you.

Looks feat intensive and the question is: Is it worth it (viable) in the long run?

Edit: Wrong board. Should have been in advice.

I've looked over the idea and I'd likely go straight Swashbuckler.

Run around in melee and provoke AoOs as often as possible, using Parry and Riposte to gain extra attacks.

Consider taking Pharasma's Deific Obedience for a +2 Sacred bonus to Dagger attacks (thrown or melee).

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