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See topic. My friend wasn't able to pick up tickets when they went on sale, so I picked tickets for the Thurs. and Fri. night specials, since I wasn't sure which special he was going to be GMing. So I've got a ticket if someone wants it. No charge, just post here about the character you would play in the special, and I'll pick someone and arrange for them to pick up the ticket at Gencon.

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Incendiaeternus here is looking for a Ticket for both Specials. But I am sure they will be happy with at least 1.

You send them a PM that should work or post in the linked thread.

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I don't have a ticket for the Friday night special and would like one if you still have it available. I already have one for the Thursday special.

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I have a few locals who would love to go to the special, on the off chance that others materialize.

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I did not see the line about posting a character the first time. I have a number of different characters to choose from, but I think I'd play high tier with my Elf Magus 10, he comes with a special familiar from [REDACTED]. They are a fun couple to play off of one another. While he does have the magical lineage shocking grasp and dervish dances, my favorite uses of spell combat have been to use Haste and Mirror Image. Also exploring a Dwarven Sky Citadel might help temper his disdain for all things non-elven.

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Viscount Victor Zajic, Signifier of the Order of the Gate, is looking for a ticket to the End of Season 5 Special so that his faithful Hellknight bodyguard, Boris Markov, may join him in the delve into the lost dwarven sky citidel. Together they will scourge the ruins clean of the abyssal filth infesting it.

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My husband would really like to to play. He would be playing Shaboom a gnome alchemist with a penchant for blowing things up. He is definately a pyromaniac and always makes life interesting. My husband didn't get his GM badge till after the specials were sold out.

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