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Hi everyone,

This ability confuses me for a moment;

Effortless Sneak wrote:
At 3rd level, the chameleon chooses a single terrain from the ranger’s favored terrain class feature. While she is within that terrain, she can take 10 on any Stealth check she can make within that terrain. When the chameleon reaches 6th level, and every three levels thereafter, she chooses a new type of terrain from the ranger’s favored terrain list. She gains this ability with the newly picked terrain.

Does a chameleon rogue actually gains favored terrain or he can only take 10 in chosen terrain without actually having it?

Thanks on responses,


The chameleon only gains the ability listed. He does not get the other benefits of favored terrain.

It refers to the favored terrain list because that's easier than reprinting the list and then being required to keep the list up-to-date in two different places. The only ability, as blahpers says, is the take 10 stealth check ability. Also, if the character is multiclassing ranger, it doesn't get this ability for any ranger favored terrain choices.


Uh, I am glad I asked then. It sounded a bit too good for a rogue archetype ability otherwise.

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