LFG lvl 1.2 witch (check profile) PST after 9pm

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Hello. I'm really trying to get my witch caught up with a friend for Paizo con. I need to complete 5 more sessions. I have a GM account on roll20.net with many many maps and tokens. I'm happy to setup any scenario you want to run.

I'd be happy to GM(never have for pf but would love to try!) or we can rotate GMs. I have 1-3 people interested in playing 1 time a week. Here are the times we're thinking

Monday 8pm-1am(variable end time depending on group experience and pace of play)
Friday 10pm-3am (who needs sleep!!!)
Saturday 8am-noon
Sunday 8am-noon

email (xcaseyxatme.com)me or post here if interested. Please post your character info as well as a contact email.


Grand Lodge

I'm interested. I sent you a message.

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