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Scarab Sages

Hi CS,

Not sure if this is the best place to post this, or if it should be on the GW site, but here goes.

I backed the PFO KS and got the Print Pack. (I *THINK* my pledge is finalized in the Pledge Manager.) So I'm supposed to be getting the KS Exclusive Cover Emerald Spire book.

I know there has been talk about running low on the KS Exclusive version, so I just wanted to say: I don't mind getting the regular version of the book, especially if it means somebody else can get the exclusive version who wouldn't be able to otherwise.

(I plan to actually USE the book, and would actually kind-of feel bad to expose a "Special Edition" book like that to the wear-and-tear. 8^)

Customer Service Representative

Hi Arazyr!

Thanks! That is a very generous offer, and much appreciated!

We're still working out details for a potentially different Print Pack Add-On option. I will definitely make note of this, and update you when we have more information :)

Thanks again!

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