Credit Card payment on gives an "AVS mismatch"

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I live in the Netherlands and I got this message when trying to pay for my upgrade to EE with my credit card: "transaction has been declined due to an AVS mismatch".

It seems that this is common with people who live outside the US; the 'Adress verification Service" is described as being unreliable for credit card holders outside the US.

My card works fine on, by the way, no problems there.

I am posting this here rather then contact customerservice, since this may become a general issue for people outside the US, rather then a single personal one.

I hope this can be resolved. Sorry GW, another issue on your overloaded plate! :(

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It's a long weekend in the US for our Memorial Day holiday, Tyncale, but I'm sure Goblinworks will have some info for you on Tuesday. If you become concerned, you can have a word with your bank as well, in case they can kick anything loose on their end.

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I believe this is the reason that Papaver is so keen on Goblinworks getting PayPal working.

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Thanks, Jazzlvraz, I will bump this thread by tuesday. I am not concerned at all, it seems to be a known problem. I googled it and there are ways to solve it, but that should be done GW-side. I think it depends on the type of authorization they use. I used the card an hour ago on Paizo and that worked fine, so I am sure it has something to do with the new GW website.

I would have liked to cast a second vote already for the landrush, but I can wait. We still have 10 weeks! :)

@Nihimon Definately, Paypal would suit me fine too.

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We use a different payment processor than Paizo does. We use

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Thanks Ryan, that explains it. This is actually the article that I found when I googled my problem: known problem with

It also mentions that it can be fixed by a correct configuration, so hopefully you can work that out with them.

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