Need magic items for an Alchemist -or- 101 interesting items specifically for an alchemist

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So... even with the new alchemy manual that is out - I find myself looking for actually interesting magical\mundane\special gear that works well with the alchemist class.

Looking up items that actually interact with the alchemist special abilities leads me to find a honest lack - boro beads and the vials (which are almost the same item - but slightly twisted in how they work enough to make them different).

Considering the above I thought I'd create this thread looking to poll the excellent community here (which has given me 100+ handkerchief items, and 100+ awesome tome ideas).

I have to be honest - even with my player hitting level 6 now - I still really haven't gotten my head around this class, and thus I'm having a total 'creative' block trying to find interesting things for him (and outside of generic stuff - to make it interesting in an older AP you have to be willing to tailor things a tad).

So please help - hopefully some more ideas will get me going and I'll feel up to contributing - but as of right now I don't think I 'have it'.

What I can do is give you a bit of background - a half elf slightly disfigured by a previous explosion - likes to collect samples of almost anything they encounter, enjoys fireworks a great deal (even though they never seem to go off well for him) - he is a 'mindchemist' and enjoys the idea of actually mixing his stuff up to find a solution, while he does want boro beads (it's the #1 item he is looking forward to) those don't last an entire campaign. Hopefully this helps.

Just covering the basics...
1. don't forget the spring loaded wrist sheaths

3. an alchemist kit that works in any weather/underwater

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