Generating PFS interest in my local area?

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I live in Glasgow in Scotland, UK and I've noticed an absence of any sort of noticable PFS presence in the country. I've pretty well known to the local roleplaying community and I'm hoping that off the back of that I can build up a PFS community as I love Pathfinder and have recently developed an interest in PFS.

I was wondering if there are any official promotional posters or support for the PFS that I can get for my local stores/gaming clubs to advertise PFS and help towards building a community?

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In the absence of a Scotland VC, I would get in contact with the England VCs Dave & Rob (contact details on this page) to see if they can help.

In terms of flashy posters, there's THIS.

Having said that, in the absence of anything official in my area I rounded up a few players, printed out a scenario, and went from there. Several of those players will be at UK Games Expo and/or PaizoCon UK this year.

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Hi Stemboy,

I'm still surprised whenever I hear of some corner of the world where PFS hasn't taken off like wildfire. All it takes is a dedicated individual to schedule some regular monthly or weekly gamedays, and after some persistance, bam! you have your own local PFS gaming community!

You might like to check out the [ Pathfinder Society Regional Coordinators ] and [ Get Involved ] pages, where you'll notice Scotland on the Volunteers Wanted list.

As for Flyers to help promote your gamedays, check out my posts in threads [ here ] and [ here ].

Good luck with getting PFS running in Scotland. There's many of us here to help with advice, flyers and other support if you need it.

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Thanks for the insight guys, that's a great place to start. I've ordered a copy of that poster and I'll take it to my local gaming spot to put it up. I'll reach out to the English VC's for some advice. I have looked into what they have going on south of the border already for some idea of what's about. Any other advice would be welcome about what works/doesn't work.

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Assuming you have a venue (game store, library etc) you can play at, talk to the staff, place flyers on the noticeboard, wall or window to attract gamers and promote your gamedays. Schedule your gamedays on the same day/time each week, so local players fast associate that day/time as Pathfinder Society, consistency works.

Set up a [ Warhorn ] account, schedule your gamedays on Warhorn, so players have a fair sign up process and know when a table is full, can Waitlist etc.

Set up a Facebook Group (not Page) for players to join, ask questions, create discussions, share experiences, it's great for building a community around!

And don't forget to set up an ongoing [ Event ] for your gamedays, via [ My Pathfinder Society ].

Place these URLs on your flyers, so new players know how to get in touch and join your group.

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